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Eight Things We Loved and Hated About The Royal Rumble
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Eight Things We Loved and Hated About The Royal Rumble

Congratulations! You managed to get through the seven-hour Royal Rumble. Honestly, I enjoyed this year’s Rumble, especially the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches. But here are eight things we loved and hated about the Royal Rumble.

Loved: Ronda Rousey vs Sasha Banks

Both women’s championship matches delivered. But Ronda Rousey vs Sasha Banks was my favorite. Both Banks and Rousey came out of the match looking strong. After the match Banks hit Rousey with the Four Horsewomen sign. Fire!

Hated: Shane McMahon and The Miz Winning the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship

SSSHHHAAANNNNNEEEE! Ya’ll better stop playing with me. Shane hit a shooting star press off of the top ropes, and pinned Cesaro. SHANE!

Loved: Surprise Entrants from NXT

NXT superstars entering the Rumble> Old-timers entering the Rumble. Yeah, I said it.

Hated: The Treatment of Wrestlers of Color in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley was eliminated in 13 seconds. Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was eliminated in 30 seconds. Xavier Woods was eliminated in 3 seconds. R-Truth didn’t even get to make it to the ring.

Loved: Elimination Saves

Naomi, Kacy Catanzaro, Ember Moon, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Wood are the real MVPs of the Royal Rumble. Respect!

Hated: Superstars Saving Themselves from Elimination Just to Get Eliminated Soon After

For once I would like to see the elimination-save spot work and that superstar make it to the final six or maybe even win the whole thing. Because what’s the point of the save, if it really doesn’t help.

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Loved: Nia Jax Entering the Men’s Royal Rumble

Nia isn’t the first woman to enter the men’s Royal Rumble, she’s the fourth. But Nia did make history. Nia is the first WWE superstar to participate in both the women’s and men’s Rumble. She is the first WWE superstar to eliminate both a male and female superstar. She’s also the first person to participate in two Rumbles in one night. Yep, she’s not like most girls.

Hated: The Pay-Per-View Was Just Too Long

The Royal Rumble wasn’t a bad pay-per-view, it was just long. Too long. This year’s Royal Rumble was almost seven hours. Maybe next year, instead of booking nine matches the WWE should consider booking no more than six or seven matches to save on time.

What were somethings you loved or hated about the Royal Rumble?


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