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In-Ring Fashion: Coolest Ring Gear from Evolution
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In-Ring Fashion: Coolest Ring Gear from Evolution

I had a high expectation not only for the Evolution pay-per-view but for the Evolution in-ring fashion. I knew every superstar would rock her best and most fashionable ring wear. Here is a list of DDT Diva’s favorite wrestling ensembles.

Alexa in Wonderland

Alexa Bliss may not have faced Trish and Lita at Evolution, but she still brought her in-ring fashion A game. Bliss is known for her pop culture referenced attire including her Bad Gal Chucky inspired gear, her Freddy Krueger inspired gear, her Super Girl inspired gear, and her Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad version) look just to name a few.

This time Alexa became Alice and rocked an Alice and Wonderland ensemble. But there is no Alice without the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. Yes, Alicia Fox and Mickie James donned Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts attire.

The Mad Hatter attire was the perfect choice for Fox. Accessorizing her look, Fox donned her signature hat and a large clock. Mickie James, The Queen of Hearts, accessorized her ring gear with a black and red cape, a queen of hearts card tiara, and a royal staff that included a presumed photo of her son. Awww, hearts!

Together they all looked wonderful.

No Tricks, No Treats Just Mayhem

Note: The Riott Squad’s photo is the second photo.

I loved The Riott Squad’s horror villain themed gear. In fact, I think they were my favorite of the night. As a horror movie buff, I love seeing horror movie references sprinkled throughout pop culture. The Riott Squad would have gotten the first mention on this list, if only Liv Morgan would’ve rocked the Tiffany (Bride of Chucky) look.

The Riott Squad’s attire choice fit their on-screen personas. Liv Morgan is chaotic and fun. She may look innocent, but nope she isn’t. She’ll hurt ya, just like Pennywise from the IT franchise. To help make her Pennywise look pop, Liv complemented her red and white gear with a red balloon, red highlights, and her typical suspenders. Written on her tights in IT font, “Liv IT Up.

Then there is Ruby Riott, the maniacal mastermind much like her baddy of choice, Billy aka Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. Ruby sported the signature Billy look. She wore a red bow tie, black suit coat, and even red spirals on her cheeks just like Billy.

Sarah’s ring attire was the coolest. Fittingly, Sarah Logan as Leatherface. She’s a country girl with a real mean streak. She’s also the most intimidating member of The Riott Squad. Yep, she is Leatherface. In pure Leatherface fashion, her ring gear was designed to look like skin, patched human skin. She topped her skin tights off with Leatherface’s signature bloodied apron and black tie.

The Glow Goddess

Note: Naomi’s photo is the third photo.

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Naomi is the Queen of Fashionable ring attire. She’s debuted so many looks and styles. And never has she looked bad in any of them. Since Naomi began her Feel the Glow gimmick she has sported very bright, bold, neon colors that glow in the dark. Last Sunday at Evolution, Naomi kept her gear fairly simple, sticking to a neon yellow top, tights, and chaps combo with a slight orange tint.

But what made me love her ensemble so much was the very long and flowing neon yellow cape, attached to her neon yellow armbands. The long flowing cape made Naomi look like the Glow Goddess she truly is. But sis didn’t just look good in the cape, she was able to gracefully maneuver without tripping or stepping on it. That takes clean skill and athleticism that only Naomi possesses.

Carmella in Color

Carmella is a lot of things. She is money. She is fabulous. She is a former SmackDown Women’s Champ. She is the first ever Ms. Money in the Bank winner. Now, Carmella is color. Carmella’s rainbow leopard print apparel certainly give me a nostalgic Lisa Frank vibe. Her glittery hot pink headband and jacket complemented the rainbow leopard print very well, and completing her look was her teal Nikes. Color perfection!

Everyone at Evolution

Every woman on the Evolution card slayed and looked tremendous, so it’s hard to choose just five.

What were some of your favorite looks from Evolution?


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