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Moose Finally Catches ECIII, Ugly Shirt and All
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Moose Finally Catches ECIII, Ugly Shirt and All

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: October 13, 2020

Impact Wrestling On AXS-TV put on a good show in the penultimate episode before their Bound For Glory (BFG) pay-per-view. Heavy on the Knockouts and shenanigans, particularly in the first hour. The second hour was noticeably darker in tone as they got some heat on the pay-per-view title main event between Eric Young and Rich Swann. A show where they want to put on good TV while saving their talent since this was late in their taping schedule (they taped 5 shows in 4 days).

Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary defeated Havok and Nevaeh and Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz

They start with a three-team match with Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary vs Havok and Nevaeh vs Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz (the Itty Bitty Hit Squad). Good, well-worked match with Valkyrie and the Demon Assassin taking the win as Rosemary pins Steelz. Hogan and Steelz were the stars here as they worked as hard as everyone else in the ring and threw in some great trash talk, that’s more audible with them working in an empty studio.

Crazzy Steve defeated Fallah Bah

Mostly tomfoolery from this point on for a while with Johnny Swinger being the MVP, nearly killing me with his answer to Fallah Bah asking what he’s ever done: “I beat Buddy Landel in Mid Atlantic!” Beat that. Bah loses a short comedy match to Swinger’s 107 yr old “young boy”, Crazzy Steve.

Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Alisha, Rhino, HEATH defeated Tenille Dashwood, Cousin Cody, Tommy Dreamer, Brian Myers, Johnny Swinger

In a ten-person match where the winning team faces each other next week to determine the final entrant to the BFG Call Your Shot match, Hernandez, Cousin Jake (Something), Alisha, Rhino, and HEATH beat Tenille Dashwood, Cousin Cody (Deaner), Tommy Dreamer, Brian Myers, and Johnny Swinger. Even more tomfoolery, but it allowed everyone to do whatever it is they do well. The match also gave Alisha another good showing as a character (she still doesn’t know which Deaner is which).

Myers is feuding with Dreamer so he refused his tags. Dashwood and Kaleb with K had to update her IG account so she wasn’t paying attention when HEATH pinned Swinger with the Wake-Up Call jumping Russian leg sweep. We find out Rhino got HEATH into the BFG match but if HEATH doesn’t win it, he’s out and so is Rhino. Damn.

He’s 56 but Ken Shamrock is one of the few guys legit enough I can buy him beating a grown man up while wearing flip flops.

Kylie Rae defeated Deonna Purrazzo

Kylie Rae, on her road to a BFG title shot with Knockout champ Deonna Purrazzo, beat Purrazzo’s closest ally and tag partner Kimber Lee in a very good match. Purrazzo, resembling a high school math teacher trying to dress down, tried to get at Rae, trading some stiff forearm shots before eating a superkick and getting out of there.

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Doc Gallows defeated Madman Fulton

In a battle of one of the best big men of the last 10 years vs one who will be for the next 10 years, Doc Gallows faced Madman Fulton. It got out of control quickly and they brawled to a double count out. The match was restarted with a no-DQ/no count out stip and they had a helluva brawl with Gallows winning hitting a two-handed chokeslam through a set of upright chairs. That should have been a finish and it was.

Eric Young Attacks Scott D’Amore

World champ “The World Class Maniac” Eric Young demanded Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore come out and publicly announced Swann would not make their BFG match due to his attack last week. When D’Amore says the exact opposite, Young attacks his former manager and trainer, locking him a kneebar until Swann races out and makes a hot save.

ECIII, Moose Showdown

ECIII challenged Moose to meet him at a bridge to save the TNA world title belt and the two trade some good verbal barbs. E should have noticed Moose was taking his shirt off and not because it was ugly AF. They have a nice fight on the bridge with Moose leaving ECIII in a bloody heap and taking back his belt. Good segment to close the show and add some physicality to a feud with very little.

Very enjoyable show.


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