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Rohit Got a Friend and Moose is Pissed
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Rohit Got a Friend and Moose is Pissed

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: February 2, 2020

Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV put forth a good show this week. Not a blow away show by any means but a notch above last week as they progress to the No Surrender ImpactPlus special on February 13 while planting seeds for their Rebellion on April 24.
A more wrestling-heavy show with 6 matches across the roster with none of them being worse than “solid”, a running theme of “big man/woman vs smaller man/woman” in a few of them, and too much reliance on outside interference for my tastes.

Havok defeated Tasha Steelz

In the opening match, Havok beat Tasha Steelz in a good match with Steelz matching her superior speed to Havok’s overwhelming size and power. I did not like the finish because it makes the ref look stupid but Havok’s partner Nevaeh out-heeled Steelz’ Knockouts tag champion partner, Kiera Hogan, to set up Havok’s tombstone piledriver for the win. Havok’s looked great at the beginning of the year.

The Perfect Opponent for Trey

After attacking IMPACT officials last week, Scott D’amore told Sami Callihan his tag partner Ken Shamrock was indefinitely suspended, which didn’t upset Callihan since he says he’s had a hard time controlling him anyway. Callihan then cuts into the backstage interview with the returning Trey Miguel. That is the perfect opponent for Trey if they plan on elevating him.

James Storm and Chris Sabin book themselves what looks to be a title shot against the Good Brothers next week. Private Party seemed upset but fellas, you still get your title shot at No Surrender no matter who the champs are. Relax.

Josh Alexander defeated Madman Fulton

“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander beat Madman Fulton in the exact type of physical smashmouth (or nose in Alexander’s case) match you would expect. Alexander got him with the Tiger Driver 91. Thankfully, no interference by Ace Austin played into the finish.

Larry D defeat Crazzy Steve

Larry D beat Crazzy Steve in a solid match up. Decay is going to need another member to go up against XXXL.

Jordynne Grace defeated Susan

Jordynne Grace (with Jazz) beat Susan (with KO champ Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee) in another solid bout that I felt had too much extra going on. I did like the look of Purrazzo vs Jazz on the outside. Let’s do that. The heels took advantage of their opponents after the match which triggered the return of TNA legend, ODB, one of my wife’s favorite wrestlers.

Over the Tony Khan Ads

I’m over the Tony Khan paid ads, even though he’s doing well as the new Andy Kaufmann. I just don’t get why he’s heeling IMPACT Wrestling.

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Rohit Raju defeated TJP

In the match of the night, Rohit Raju beat X Division champion TJ Perkins in a non-title match. Given a good amount of time and they used it. Great back and forth match. TJP looked to pull his hide-under-the-ring gimmick but Raju had a surprise as his old Desi Hit Squad mate, Mahabali Shera was waiting, chokeslamming Perkins on the ring apron, setting him up for Raju’s pin. This is really the only place the outside interference didn’t take away from the match.

Loved the Violent By Design promo as they invite Cousin Jake to join. It should be noted Matt Striker commented that Crazzy Steve also trained with Eric Young so that might be a seed for a future story.

Main Event: Moose and Chris Bey defeated Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer

In a good main event, “TNA champion” Moose and “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey defeated world champion Rich Swann and his No Surrender opponent, Tommy Dreamer. A good tag match with basic tag team fundamentals with a very good finish as Moose got the blind tag and hit Swann with a Lights Out spear for the win. Moose then hits the LO on Dreamer, taking out his frustration on both guys he didn’t get the No Surrender title shot.

A good way to close out a good show. Heels eat in IMPACT.

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