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The Debut of the World’s Strongest Man and a Mexican Idol
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The Debut of the World’s Strongest Man and a Mexican Idol

Dustin Rhodes vs Nick Comoroto Main Event Graphic

Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II
Show air date: June 4, 2021

AEW Dynamite put up a decent effort in another week of being off their normal night and time, this being the follow-up to their Double or Nothing pay-per-view.

The Young Bucks defeated Penta El Zero Miedo and PAC

In a non-title match, tag champions, The Young Bucks–Nick and Matt Jackson–beat Penta El Zero Miedo and PAC of Death Triangle in a solid match but one that doesn’t make sense.
So the Death Triangle chase for the tag titles is over already? Do they realize they haven’t built up a single top challenger for the tag titles in months?

Eddie Kingston comes out to make the save as the Bucks get in some after-match beatdowns.
They have a backstage confrontation with PAC and Penta telling Kingston they don’t want his help. It was fine but it came way too late and should have happened the very next segment. Where were all of them for an hour?

The World Strongest Man and El Idolo!

New commentator Mark Henry makes his TV debut and is upstaged with the AEW debut of Vickie Guerrero’s new client: Andrade El Idolo, who looked like a f—king star.

QT Marshall and Anthony Ogogo defeated Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson

In a tag match (with finish) that should have been at Double or Nothing, Quick Trip Marshall (great joke from Schiavone) and Anthony Ogogo got a much-needed win over Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson. It was a good match with a smart finish where Rhodes took the pin from Marshall after Ogogo punched him in the face behind the ref’s back with Aaron Solow playing the distraction.

The Inner Circle Said Something

Inner Circle said something, but I was bored. It’s closing in on a year and we’re practically back where this started: Jericho vs MJF with no one else getting much of a rise out of this.

Christian Cage and Jungle Boy defeated Private Party

World champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis cut a pretty good backstage promo. Kenny does the “snarky asshole heel” thing better than the Bucks. Christian Cage and Jungle Boy Jack Perry beat Private Party of the Hardy Family Office in a solid match. Perry won the Casino Battle Royal and is the number one contender to the world title and they put him in a tag match first thing? Just odd. Private Party dresses alike going to the club?

Good Team Taz Promo

Good promo by Taz with Team Taz. He challenges Hangman Page to a tag match with Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs (who should have been a team months ago).

Why is he Evil?

The Dark Order are terrible as faces. Evil Uno (why is he “evil”?) will get butchered by Miro, who cut a very good promo.

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Red Velvet defeated The Bunny

Red Velvet got a nice win over The Bunny. Pretty good match. Velvet is really coming along quickly.

The Dr. Britt Baker, DMD Celebration

The Dr. Britt Baker, DMD celebration for winning the world title was good, and Nyla Rose’s reaction and completely destroying it was the pitch-perfect thing to do. Why tf would you invite her???

Main Event: Dustin Rhodes defeated Nick Comoroto

The main event was a solid brawl as Dustin Rhodes–dresses like Black Reign but working like The Natural–beat Nick Comoroto, the love child of Billy Jack Haynes and Bruiser Brody, in a bullrope match. Nick’s got a lot of upside and he got to look really strong and competitive with Dustin having his work boots laced up tight. This was the right decision with Dustin winning his 15th bullrope match and this only being Comoroto’s first.

Solid show. It must be in their contract that they do these live because the crowd is clearly tired by the end and was gassed by the Velvet-Bunny match. Live to tape works too, Tony.

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