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The Virtuosa Emerges
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The Virtuosa Emerges

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: August 25, 2020

Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV put on “Emergence: Chapter Two” and it was another strong show with a great main event to close.

Eddie Edwards (c) defeated Rob Van Dam with Katie Forbes for the IMPACT World Championship

They go immediately into World champion Eddie Edwards successfully defending against Rob Van Dam with Katie Forbes. If Johnny Swinger wasn’t there, Forbes might have the funniest gimmick in the company. Good match. Not great but a good opener to start the show and feature all parties involved. If this RVD had shown up 10 years ago, I might have enjoyed his previous run better.

The “World Class Maniac” Eric Young attacks Edwards from behind and lays him out.
Later, Edwards calls out Young and they set up the title match for next week. That segment was well done as it allowed Young to do the bulk of the talking since that’s not Edwards’ strong suit and when the champion did talk, he hit his points quick and commenced to scrapping.


WRESTLEHOUSE shenanigans featured a new game created by Swinger called “Fuji!” where you throw salt in people’s eyes and Johnny Bravo having enough of Lawrence D trying to get at Rosemary. Crazzy Steve beat Swinger in the return of the all-time worst gimmick matches, the blindfold match (Prince of Darkness match to us old Crockett fans), and Larry D, dressed like Waylon Mercy, beat Bravo quickly with Acey Romero reminding me of Crusher Blackwell back when he was in The Sheiks in the AWA because he couldn’t fit the ref shirt.

Brian Myers defeated Willie Mack

Good match with Brian Myers beating Willie Mack with a very old school handful of tights on a roll-up.

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Locker Room Talk co-hosted by the Rascalz

Madison Rayne had the Rascalz co-hosting “Locker Room Talk” with her guests being Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. With the history of those guys, it didn’t go well and Ace and Fulton left. Good comedy stuff with Dez shining.

Main Event: Deonna Purrazzo (c) defeated Jordynne Grace for the KO Championship in a 60 Minute Ironwoman Match

Great, great main event as Knockouts Champion “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo defeated former champion, Jordynne Grace, in the first KO Ironwoman match, winning 2 to 1, pulling it out with a Fujiwara armbar with 3 seconds to go. I knew it was going well when the 15 min mark came and it just flew by. Both women brought all the intensity and both looked great, establishing that there is no conversation about the best women in the world without both of them being mentioned.

Josh Matthews was okay this week but was at his best for the main event. Madison Rayne is the best color person in the business right now with her best work being in the KO title match.
Great and fun show.


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