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AC Mack Wins IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship
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AC Mack Wins IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship

AC Mack vs Alex Shelley

AC Mack is the new IWTV Independent Wrestling World Champion. Mack makes wrestling history, too, becoming the first openly gay man to win a world championship. Mack defeated wrestling legend Alex Shelley at the ACTION Wrestling and IWTV super show, Southeast First, in Tyrone, Georgia on January 21.

After the match, Mack gave a celebratory address in front of his wrestling peers and fans at ringside.

“For those of you who still don’t understand how big of a deal this is, we did the research. We found out that now, now AC Mack goes down in the history books. Not just the indies, not just the major leagues, not Japan, not anything. All of pro-wrestling now has its first openly gay male world champion,” said Mack during his post-match address.

In August 2021, the championship was established as a world championship. Since Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s (PWI) decision to establish the championship as a world championship, Mack is the second champion to win the title.

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Mack, a former ACTION, IWE, PWA, SUP, and Southern Honor Champion, has been chasing the IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship since August 2021 after winning the Scenic City Invitational. Mack’s win over Shelley puts an end to Shelley’s 105-day championship reign.

Congratulations to AC Mack on winning the IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship!


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