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And Still TNA Champion…
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And Still TNA Champion…

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: May 12, 2020

Just the cold opening for IMPACT this week showed they were going for the knockout (pardon the pun) early. I would take up this whole article space talking about it. Very nice seeing all the TNA luminaries showing love to the champ. 😁

Show Opening: Hernandez vs Madman Fulton

Good big man match in the first match of the tournament to crown a new number one contender for the IMPACT World title with Hernandez pulling the upset over Madman Fulton of OVE. With their roster of big men and their willingness to push Black wrestlers, IMPACT wins the title of “Mid South Wrestling on 2020”. I was wondering about having Hernandez win but then they follow up with OVE being confronted by the returning Crazzy Steve, so this is clearly going somewhere. The match wasn’t pretty like Zack Sabre Jr vs Will Ospreay. It was two big mofos beating the hell out of each other with slams and clotheslines.

Kylie Rae vs Tasha Steelz

Nice TV match with Kylie Rae beating the newly signed and game Tasha Steelz, making her debut. A couple of clunky spots but a good overall match with both women looking good.

Rohit Raju Promo

Rohit Raju cut a sick 🔥 promo. Push this guy!!!!!

Kimber Lee vs Havok

Another KO making a debut, Kimber Lee pulled off the upset, beating Havok with an old school brass knucks finish. Cameo by Nevaeh, who watched from the shadows again.

Kiera Hogan Vignette

Good vignette for Kiera Hogan. IMPACT showed off the diversity of their KO division in this episode.

Madison Rayne’s (and Johnny Swinger’s) Locker Room Talk

Madison Rayne’s (and Johnny Swinger’s) Locker Room Talk interview with Ken Shamrock is interrupted by “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, who takes Shamrock out with a conchairto. Both are scheduled for matches next week. We’ll see.

Sami Callihan Promo

“The Draw” Sami Callihan cuts another great promo, dragging Elgin. That’s going to be awesome.

Trey Miguel vs Rohit Raju

In a very good match, Trey Miguel of the Rascalz beats Raju in their tournament match. Raju is so good in everything he does right now, I wanted him to win, and l really like Trey.

The North vs The Schmoes

World tag champs The North–Josh Alexander and Ethan Page–successfully defended their titles against The Schmoes. These bits are funny and keep the tag titles on TV with the champs stuck in Canada. It’s really Josh Alexander not selling it at all that makes them funny.

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Flashback of the Week: AJ Styles vs Matt Hardy

Flashback of the Week was clips of AJ Styles vs Matt Hardy. I never saw this one but man, whoever braided Matt’s hair should have been fired.

X Division Champion Willie Mack

How Chris Bey kept his face when that fool Swinger made an Eddie Sharkey joke is beyond me. Might just be one that lands with old people. “The Ultimate Finesser” causing problems with the Mack and Pack Attack. Dirty. Mack needs to give Swinger a title shot as Swinger says he promised before Johnny stretches him. Good to see X Division champ Willie Mack. Working with Swinger has been pretty fun to watch.

Main Event: Moose (c) vs Suicide

In the main event, Moose “defended” the TNA Heavyweight title against TNA Original and former X Division champion, Suicide. Dave Penzer gon mess around and get smacked not doing his job right. Moose is the TNA champion and should be announced as such. Good big man vs smaller man match and the only match where they spent any real amount of time-fighting on the floor (and the ref kept counting the whole time). Not as good as Gargano vs Dijakovic but still good.

Hm. I see Josh Matthews name-checking former TNA champs during Moose’s match, including talking up Mick Foley tweeting about him as a champion last week. Someone tell Matthews he doesn’t work for Vince anymore so he can call it a “belt” and not a “championship”. Other than that, he and Rayne were good as usual on commentary. Suicide looked good but Moose was too big, too strong and a kick to the ding-ding works on everyone.

Good show that got a lot of people meaningful time.


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