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Callis Pulls Back the Curtain: He is the Invisible Hand
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Callis Pulls Back the Curtain: He is the Invisible Hand

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: March 16, 2021

Good Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV, following up the crucial Sacrifice Impact Plus special and moving forward to the Rebellion pay-per-view in April with several short good matches and an excellent main event. BTI continues to be an entertaining show with great promos and backstage and a solid Black Taurus-Luster the Legend match (Taurus with the win). Josh Matthews is pretty good heeling fellow cohost Gia Miller.

FinJuice defeated XXXL

Impact opened with new Impact world tag champions FinJuice–David Finlay and Juice Robinson–beating XXXL–Acey Romero and Larry D—in a good short tag match. For its length, it was pretty competitive with FinJuice getting the win when Finlay hit Larry D with the Acid Drop cutter.

After a brawl with the new champs after their match, former champions the Good Brothers–Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows–demanded executive producer Scott D’Amore to give them a rematch and complain about FinJuice going to Japan to defend the titles. They get their rematch at Rebellion on April 24th.

D’Amore is pretty good with them and in his exchange with Tommy Dreamer when they announce the next special, Hardcore Justice.

Rhino defeated Jake Something

Newest member of Eric Young’s Violent By Design, Rhino got a win over Jake Something (accompanied by James Storm and Chris Sabin) with the Gore. I saw someone describe EY as the modern Kevin Sullivan from Florida or when he was running the Varsity Club in Crockett. That’s it exactly.

Rohit Raju defeated Mahabali Shera

Rohit Raju beat Shera. Solid big man vs smaller man match with both guys looking good. I hope they put them back together.

Good backstage segment with new X Division champion Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) being confronted by potential challengers, “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey, Josh Alexander and then former champion TJP, who gets his rematch next week.

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Don Callis Gave us History

Executive producer Don Callis (in full Cyrus mode for older fans) gave a history lesson to new Unified world champion Rich Swann. Damn good segment. Hey Don! The first time different company’s world champions had a title vs title match on pay-per-view was Super Clash III but go ahead.

Six on Six Knockouts Match

6 on 6 Knockouts match saw Jazz get the win for her team–herself, Jordynne Grace, ODB, Havok, and Nevaeh–by submitting Kimber Lee to a stepover toehold. Lee was teamed with KO champ Deonna Purrazzo, tag champs Fire N Flava, Susan and Tenille Dashwood. Solid but it made the ref look like a moron since he lost control twice and just stood there looking like he forgot his role.

Main Event: Sami Callihan defeated Trey Miguel

The excellent main event saw “The Draw” Sami Callihan defeat his rival “The Natural” Trey Miguel. Long match for TV at nearly 30 minutes that saw Callihan have the upper hand and Miguel fight back. Striker did make me laugh with the last house on the left joke but that was it for them. Just as Miguel was looking to win, he hesitated and got dropped with a Callihan Package Piledriver. Good finish.
Good show.

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