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That Britt Sho’ Can Bleed
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That Britt Sho’ Can Bleed

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: March 17, 2021

Very entertaining AEW Dynamite last week. Some very good segments, some just infuriatingly AEW segments with the usual suspects, and a fantastic and violent main event.

Cody Rhodes defeated Penta El Zero Miedo

Cody Rhodes beat Penta El Zero Miedo in the opening match that could have been really good but it was evident that despite Cody being a very good wrestler, he’s no Penta, and then they had Penta eat 4 straight finishers. Cody deep hooked his far leg each time and he kicked up, just to lose when Cody rolled him up after popping his elbow. GTFOHWTBS.

The follow-up angle was better than the match as Penta was putting the beatdown on Rhodes, bringing out Cody’s brother Dustin and the Gunn Club boys (I’d pick Penta in a handicap match with those boys). Then QT Marshall comes out like “What happened?? What I miss? What’s the problem?” That was funny.

Don Callis gave the Young Bucks the business with some great mic work in a backstage interview segment. He was fire last week.

Jade Cargill defeated Dani Jordyn

Jade Cargill looked fantastic in her singles debut over Dani Jordyn. Perfectly structured: three big moves, pin. Leave it just like this for a while. Goldberg her ass until it’s time to put her with a veteran like Deeb.

Hardy Party and The Butcher and the Blade defeated Jurassic Express and Bear Country

The House of Hardy (my name) or the Big Money Team (still my name) of Matt Hardy, Private Party (Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy), and the Butcher and the Blade (and the Bunny) beat Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy Jack Perry, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt) and Bear Country (Bronson and Boulder making their TV debut in a tag match). This was surprisingly good and told a compelling story of Bear Country and the Express not vibing with the Bears having no problem using teeny, tiny Marko as a weapon. Hardy wins for his team with the Twist of Fate after Party hits their Gin and Juice move first. Well done.

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston defeated The Good Brothers

Following a backstage promo (Mox is good on the mic but Kingston is awesome), Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston defeat the Good Brothers–Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson–in a great, physical match that saw all four guys putting in some hard work. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The Brothers lay Mox and King out afterward and world champ Kenny Omega and Callis come out and as they prepare to Pillmanize Moxley with his head in a steel folding chair, the Bucks come out. Why? F–k if I know. They suck the life out of hot angles.

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I Do Like The Pinnacle

I do like The Pinnacle, and Tully should start off every week. But FTR and Spears should not just stand there in their court suits like flunkies. Wardlow is the flunky, they’re his partners.

Darby Allin and Sting Interview

Interesting interview segment with TNT champ Darby Allin and Sting that’s interrupted first by Lance Archer and Jake Roberts. Archer and Roberts are some good TV. Then Team Taz comes out so Brian Cage can kiss up to Sting. I don’t get it but it was unexpected. That was some Nitro shit, right there.

Main Event: Thunder Rosa defeated Dr. Britt Baker

To end the most heated feud in the Women’s division, Thunder Rosa outlasted Dr. Britt Baker DMD in a lights out, unsanctioned, falls count anywhere match. I’ve griped about them not sticking to the gimmicks of certain stip matches but they got this one exactly right: it closed the show and the damn lights actually went out. There was blood and tables and chairs and thumbtacks and just great brawling. It was like it was straight out of the TNA Abyss catalog. That Britt knows when to look into the camera when she’s got on the crimson mask. I loved it.

Great finish to a good show.

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