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The Return of Tully Blanchard Enterprises
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The Return of Tully Blanchard Enterprises

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: March 3, 2021

Most weeks AEW Dynamite is Nitro–some weeks Nitro 96-97, some weeks 99-00 but Nitro nonetheless. This week, this joint was a Clash of the Champions with a splash of Slamboree thrown in. Still a lot of typical AEW mess but that’s to be expected. They are who they are.

Jade Cargill and Shaq defeated Red Velvet and Cody Rhodes

Very smart decision opening with Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet facing Jade Cargill and Shaquille O’Neal. Cargill and O’Neal are making their in-ring debuts (in-ring solo for Shaq) and Velvet is still a young, promising work in progress so best to get this out of the way early just in case. The match itself was pretty decent. Some big exciting moments and some solid work from the younger stars and the old basketball player. The person that did irk me was Rhodes, no-selling an O’Neal powerbomb as he did. F–k Cody Cena!!! Sell 💩, bruh!!

They pulled out all the bells and whistles for this one. Is there a reason why the ref didn’t eject the Gunn Club for hitting O’Neal with a chair? Sloppy. Shaquille O’Neal is completely unconscious and no one is checking on him? Even in kayfabe, someone should still check on him to sell the seriousness of the situation. Then he vanishes from the ambulance. I guess they also signed the Black Scorpion.

PAC and Rey Fenix defeated John Skyler and D3

PAC and Rey Fenix eat up John Skyler and D3 so bad they didn’t even get a graphic for their names.

A Good Test of My Remote Batteries

Inner Circle press conference for “Le All Lives Matter” Chris Jericho and MJF and a good test of my remote batteries. It played out exactly as I expected: they blah-blah, Young Bucks come out, Santana and Ortiz get chumped so the Bucks can look like tough guys. Interesting cameo by the Good Brothers.

FTR and Tully Blanchard defeated Jurassic Express

On the night legendary promoter Jim Crockett Jr passes away, AEW has Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler–FTR–wear the old NWA World tag belts (thank you, Tony. The word is “belts” not “titles”) and they reunite for the first time since 1988 Tully Blanchard Enterprises with Blanchard wearing the classic silver belt US title belt and James J. Dillon making his AEW debut in their corner against the entire Jurassic Express.

The shoe gimmick used to work but that was when JJ wore a hard-bottomed Florsheim, not a comfortable Skecher. Well worked match with FTR pulling out the win with help from the returning Shawn Spears. I loved Arn Anderson giving them his seal of approval and throwing up the four fingers.

Poorly done transition here (but hilarious exchange with JJ and Schiavone) as they have Paul Wight make his AEW TV debut.

Ryo Mizunami defeated Nyla Rose

Winning the number one contender’s tournament and getting the title shot at Shida at Revolution, Ryo Mizunami beat Nyla Rose (thank Bast, they brought back Vickie Guerrero) in a match that got better as it went along. Mizunami cut out the bulls–t and just fought with Rose. She had a forearm exchange with Shida after that was weird but…whatever.

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A Dynamite Video Package

Awesome video package on the exploding barbed wired death match between Jon Moxley and world champ, Kenny Omega with an appearance by Atsushi Onita, the father of the match!!!!

Ricky Starks Confronts Sting

Good segment with Sting, who is confronted by Ricky Starks. While most of it was well done, they let Sting hold Starks too long in the Scorpion. The dude has a completely shot knee. Get in there sooner. Powerhouse Hobbs and Brian Cage came to save Starks and Darby Allin saved Sting. I’m thinking this will be a good match at Revolution.

Max Caster defeated Ten

Show slowed down a lot at this point with the highlights being Max Caster dropping a hot (HA!) Ronnie Garvin line on Ten of the Dark Order before beating him in a match that was good, booking his spot in the ladder match at the pay-per-view. Scorpio Sky was very interesting on guest color commentary during this match. Heel turn? Hm.

Adam “Hangman” Page and John Silver defeated Marq Quen and Big Money Matt Hardy

Hangman Page and John Silver of the Dark Order beat Marq Quen and Big Money Matt Hardy in a solid match that felt like an odd main event. It all ended in a big brawl featuring the many tag teams in the Casino Battle Royal at the pay-per-view. Solid, chaotic show.

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