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DDT Divas’ Coolest Ring Gear Tournament (Round 1)
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DDT Divas’ Coolest Ring Gear Tournament (Round 1)

A big thank you to everyone who submitted wrestlers to compete in our ring gear tournament. While our original plan was to only include 16 wrestlers, we’ve increased the number of wrestlers to 32 because we received so many wrestlers.


Vote for the wrestler who you think regularly wears the coolest, flyest, or most fashionable ring gear.The wrestlers with the most votes will move on to the next round. This process will continue until there is only one wrestler left, and she will be crowned DDT Diva’s champion.

Vote for your favorites by 6 p.m. Eastern, Friday, March 15. Second-round voting will begin Sunday, March 17.

Women’s Tournament

Men’s Tournament

Thank you! If you filled out the form, your response will be counted! Round 2 voting begins on Sunday, March 17.


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