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Five Things That Should Happen Now That AEW is Touring
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Five Things That Should Happen Now That AEW is Touring

Most AEW fans are excited that AEW is now touring again. The company will be making its first stop in Miami, Florida on July 7. AEW being back on the road has led to fans wondering what’s next for the company. What can fans expect now that the company is back on the road again?

Here are five things I would like to see happen now that AEW is touring again.

Increased Spotlight on the Women’s Division

An AEW promotional graphic that features top women.

AEW’s women’s division has come a long way since its start. But one thing AEW has failed to do is to provide its women’s division with adequate TV time. AEW gives its women’s division less time than the men on Dynamite. An episode of Dynamite consists of one women’s match and one short backstage segment. On special occasions, an episode of Dynamite will feature two women’s matches and one short backstage segment. In this case, one of the matches is a squash match. AEW’s women have only had the honors of main eventing once. (Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa in a Lights Out unsanctioned match). AEW women have only opened an episode of Dynamite once. (Red Velvet and Cody Rhodes vs. Jade Cargill and Shaq).

Now that AEW is back touring the country again, it’s time for AEW to increase the spotlight on its women’s division. There needs to be more effort put into the women’s division. There need to be more women’s segments, backstage interviews, and vignettes. AEW needs to provide the women’s division with opportunities to main event and open shows. AEW should start creating more non-championship storylines for more women in the division. As well as allowing their women to take part in gimmicked matches. (While doing press for Double or Nothing, Tony Khan stated AEW is planning to bring back the Women’s Casino Battle Royal. This is one small plus.)

New Faces on Dynamite and Rampage

It’s time for Sonny Kiss, a mainstay on AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation, to get time on Dynamite and Rampage

AEW is debuting a new show in August, AEW Rampage. It’s time for AEW to sign a few of the Dark and Dark: Elevation wrestlers. Wrestlers like Red Velvet, Lee Johnson, Shawn Dean, and Leyla Hirsch are examples of talent who were brought in during the pandemic and are now signed. Dark and Dark: Elevation wrestlers like KiLynn King, Danny Limelight, JD Drake, Fuego del Sol should be signed. Also, signed wrestlers who work AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation should now get time on Dynamite and Rampage. New era, new faces on AEW TV.

Introduce Additional Championships

Being back on the road with three shows (four starting in August), AEW needs to introduce more championships. Four championships are not enough.

Men’s Trios Championships

AEW prides itself on having a robust tag team division. That is why introducing Trios Championships is a smart decision. For months, Khan has said that AEW is preparing to launch Trios Championships, but has not given fans an exact timeframe. Well, the time is now. Can you picture the crowd’s reaction to the introduction? Plus, AEW has enough three-man and stables/faction teams to create a Trios division.

Faction War Tournament Medals

AEW Women's Tag Team Gold Me
Image Credit: Belts By Dan

In addition to a large collection of tag teams and trios, AEW has a lot of factions. What’s the point of factions and stables, if one faction or stable isn’t dominating them all? Moving forward, AEW should devise some type of faction wars event or faction tournament. Winners of the event\tournament should be reward with gold, but not title belts.

Awarding every member of a faction a championship belt looks tacky. Awarding a faction with a trophy doesn’t look flashy enough. AEW has experimented with awarding tournament winners gold medals. Gold medals were used during its Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw. This is a great opportunity to bring back the gold medals. This is also a great opportunity to include the AEW Women’s division. Faction/stables like The Nightmare Family and Hardy Family Office, already include women.

Women’s Tag Team Championship

Establishing a women’s tag team championship is a no-brainer. But, AEW should expand its women’s division before establishing women’s tag titles. Currently, AEW doesn’t have enough women’s tag teams to debut a championship. It wouldn’t be a good idea to debut tag titles anytime soon. For a company that says it has the best (men’s) tag team division in pro wrestling, a women’s tag team division is mandatory.

See Also

More Passages Through The Forbidden Door

Be honest. The AEW, NJPW, and IMPACT Wrestling partnership hasn’t been as exciting as fans thought. Most fans were expecting various cross-promotional dream matches featuring AEW, NJPW, and IMPACT wrestlers. A prime example of expectations vs reality, what fans wanted is not what fans got.

Looking in from the AEW side, the only IMPACT talent that has appeared on AEW programming are The Good Brothers(Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) and Don Callis. Since AEW and IMPACT (July 17 for IMPACT) are bringing back fans, it’s time for AEW to send a few wrestlers to IMPACT and NJPW. While we have seen several NJPW wrestlers appear on different AEW shows. it’s time for IMPACT wrestlers to appear on AEW. Besides Kenny Omega, the only AEW talent to appear on IMPACT were Matt Hardy and Private Party’s Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen.

Again, don’t forget the Knockouts and AEW Women’s Division, let them mix it up in the ring too. With AEW touring again and the Forbidden Door is open, it’s time for AEW and IMPACT to give fans Fire ‘N Flava vs Big Red (Big Swole and Red Velvet). Both teams have been building this match on social media.

Better Use of Win-Loss Records

Charts and graphs on a tablet screen.
Tablet with business statistic chart

It’s time for AEW to put its win-loss records to better use. Currently, the company is using the records for a weekly ranking. On some occasions, the AEW commentary team will announce winning and/or losing streaks. Recently, AEW did put emphasis on Jungle Boy’s 50th win. But that’s about it. AEW can do so much more with its win-loss records and should put its very own AEW spin on the records.

With AEW heading back on the road and four special shows scheduled for July, it seems as if AEW has big plans for its return to wrestling normalcy. It wouldn’t be surprising if other signings are announced, and if AEW introduces Trios Championships soon. The AEW women’s division still needs some work, but there is no reason why the division can’t flourish and evolve, and since AEW is touring again, now is the right time.

What would you like to see happen now that AEW is touring again? Comment in the comment session below or on DDT Divas’ social media platforms.


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