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IMPACT! Wrestling: Bullet Club Victorious But Not Untouched
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IMPACT! Wrestling: Bullet Club Victorious But Not Untouched

IMPACT Wrestling main event graphic
By David E Houston II
Show air date: February 3, 2022

The January 27 episode, Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV had an angle-filled show heavy on promos and build. In this episode, they went heavy on the wrestling while still building to their live February 19, No Surrender Impact Plus pay-per-view, and delivered a strong show.

Matt Cordona defeated Jordynne Grace (c)

For the Impact Digital Media Championship

Coming right out of the opening credits, they go into the Digital Media Championship match between champion Jordynne Grace and Matt Cardona. Tom Hannifer and Matthew Rehwoldt did a good job of telling us this was Cardona’s first one on one intergender match and Cardona played it up, looking conflicted with each hard strike or slam to Grace, who gave it back in equal measure.

Then the Cardona who’s invaded GCW and the NWA showed up and when the referee was turned away, hit Grace in the face with a steel chair to pick up the win and the title, his first in Impact. The dude didn’t even waste time showering and left in his gear, which was the smart thing as he threw in a shot at Grace’s husband, ROH champion Jonathan Gresham, about being married to a loser. GET OUT OF THERE, MATT!!

Jumped Moose in His Draws

Those dudes W. Morrissey beat up last week had a repeat this week off camera as they come back from commercial and they’re already laid out in the back with Morrissey looking for their teacher, “The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers, and World champion Moose. Executive Producer Scott D’Amore stops Morrissey from pursuing Myers (not before he jacks up VSK and Zicky Dice) and gives him a no disqualification match with Myers next week and then stooges out Moose being at the hotel.

Damn, Scottie. You’za snitch. Why Morrissey got there and jump my man Moose while still in his draws? Not cool. And the front desk person who told him what room is fired.

JONAH defeated Crazzy Steve

JONAH beat Crazzy Steve of Decay in a nice but short TV match. He tries to get in some after-match action but is stopped by Steve’s tag partner Black Taurus. Taurus is a big, solid man. Looks like a match-up.

The backstage segments with Knockouts World tag champions, The IInspiration–Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee–are better than any of their matches but we knew that.

Jonathan Gresham defeated Steve Maclin


Steve Maclin felt he was at an unfair disadvantage two weeks ago, challenging for the ROH title against Gresham under Pure rules. Gresham gave him a non-title match under standard rules. A good match where Maclin gets himself disqualified by not breaking while pummeling Gresham in the ropes.

He kept up the attack and the Honor No More (HNM) group made the save, ganging up on Maclin, who no one rushed out to save because nobody fool with him like that. Gresham walks away, continuing to disavow the group’s actions.

Josh Alexander defeated Vincent

“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander sees this as his time to come out for his match with Vincent of HNM. Also, a good TV match and a good exhibition for anyone not familiar with Vincent as a wrestler, making his Impact in-ring debut.

Alexander with the win using his ankle lock submission, just before HNM hit the ring for a surprise attack by a returning and clearly energized Kenny King, giving HNM their fifth for No Surrender. This time other IMPACT stars do come out. Not Eddie Edwards though. Hm. Strong promo from HNM after.

Bhupinder Gujjar defeated John Skyler

Bhupinder Gujjar had a nice looking win over the veteran John Skyler in his return to Impact Wrestling. Promising-looking kid.

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Mickie James Royal Rumble Appearence

They show KO World champion Mickie James’ Royal Rumble entrance (with their own voice-over work and dumping the “Impact Women’s Champion” banner from the pay-per-view) before a face-off with James and number one contender, Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans). I enjoyed this a lot. Steelz tickles me, poking and prodding James and calling Chelsea Green “Ms. Save-a-Non factor” when she showed up. James offers Green a non-title match next week. Why is anyone trusting the Cardona’s right now?

Masha Slamovich defeated Kaci Lennox

Masha Slamovich deals quickly and violently with Kaci Lennox with her Russian Death Device (the old Al Snow Snow Plow from ECW). Impressive.

Great promo from ROH and AAA Reina de Reinas champion “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo, who issues an open challenge for next week. The KOs got a lot this week. Love to see it.

Main Event: The Bullet Club and G.O.D defeated Mike Bailey, Jake Something, Madman Fulton and Ace Austin

A fun main event with the Bullet Club–“Switchblade” Jay White, “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey and the Guerillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa making their Impact debut as a team)–were victorious in their match against “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Jake Something, Madman Fulton and “The Inevitable” Ace Austin.

A great story of the BC team working as a team while their opponents couldn’t get on the same page with Fulton and Austin not even wanting to tag in the other two. Put together perfectly as the all Impact team competed well and it was the sole Impact wrestler–Bey–who got the pin for his team, hitting Something with his Art of Finesse cutter, avenging his loss to Something last week.

No time to celebrate as Violent By Design and world tag champions, the Good Brothers, hit the ring and they go to dark with all 9 men fighting in and around the ring. Joe Doering is a helluva wrestler but he ain’t never run in his life. They got a lot done in 2 hours and it flew by.

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