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IMPACT Wrestling: Honor No More Continues Rolling
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IMPACT Wrestling: Honor No More Continues Rolling

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By David E Houston II
Show air date: January 27, 2022

I had read reports that COVID and travel issues had forced IMPACT Wrestling’s Creative team to do last-minute rewrites for this show, and I was very curious how it would go. I think they did an overall fair job of advancing stories while still having quality in-ring matches and showcasing every division in the company.

“Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt filled in for D’Lo Brown, still selling the beatdown from Honor No More a couple of weeks ago, at commentary with Tom Hannifer. Felt like an audition and he did pretty well.

Jake Something defeated Chris Bey

They started immediately with Jake Something, who’s been looking great and extremely sharp since his return from a short hiatus, facing the Bullet Club’s “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey, a guy who’s looking as good all the way around as he ever has in an excellent encounter. Something got the win, a great bounce back from a recent loss to “Speedball” Mike Bailey.

No time at all to celebrate as Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa–the Bullet Club’s Guerillas of Destiny–hit the ring and lay him out. Bailey comes to Something’s aid and doesn’t see BC leader, “Switchblade” Jay White slide in and drop him with a snap suplex. G.O.D. make it plain that they are there for the Good Brothers (“Big Festus and Little Festus” HA!) and the Impact World tag titles.

Honor No More is Back

As they go to commercial, Honor No More is entering the building.
I couldn’t ask for a stronger start. The Impact contingent Honor No More attacked (Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, Josh Alexander, Rhino and Chris Sabin but minus HEATH and Willie Mack) are in the ring when we come back. Executive Producer Scott D’Amore comes out and makes a deal with the former Ring of Honor wrestlers that if they can beat the Impact team in a 5 on 5 match at their February 19th No Surrender pay-per-view, they can stay but if they lose, they must leave.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett is very good at being the talker for her group.
Sabin doesn’t want to wait until Feb. 19th so a match is made with him and PCO for the main event. What the hell was the main event before? Since he was the only one in his work clothes, I assumed it would be PCO.

D’Amore shows Honor No More their “locker room” that looks like a storage room where they have a face-off with former ROH owner Cary Silkin. Matt Taven was good here. A little long but under the circumstances, they used it to advance one of their top stories.

The IInspiration defeated The Influence

Since Tenille Dashwood could not wrestle due to COVID protocols, Kaleb With A K filled in as he and Madison Rayne–the Influence–came up short in their non-title match with the IInspiration, Cassie Lee, and Jessica McKay.
It wasn’t good but it definitely had its moment as Rayne and Kaleb are a pair of high-level veterans who were able to carry the weight a bit. The IInspiration as babyfaces is the exact right move since they wouldn’t have to lead in the matches. Of the two, Lee seemed to be the more comfortable and McKay is…getting there.

Very good video package on the newest Knockout, “The Quintessential Diva” Gisele Shaw. Great pick-up.

Another crew with BC on their mind was the Good Brothers, who called in their favor with Violent By Design, who agree to help them. Very interesting.

State of the Knockouts Address

Knockouts World champion Mickie James had a State of the Knockouts address (a what??) with the KO roster ringside. One, Mickie looked great. Just great. Two, this was clearly a time killer segment but two KOs stood out: ROH Women’s champion and AAA Reina de Reinas champion Deonna Purrazzo and Tasha Steelz. Purrazzo is still tight about her recent feud with James and walked out after some good verbal sparring and Steelz (with Savannah Evans) got in the ring to confront James up close, being the number one contender. A good scuffle with Steelz, Evans, James, and Chelsea Green. Mickie can brawl in heels like a new, paler Jackie Moore.

After a video showing her defeating Kiera Hogan in a successful defense of her Digital Media championship at the January 16th TERMINUS show, Jordynne Grace accepts Matt Cardona’s challenge for next week.

W. Morrissey Went Full Andre the Giant

W. Morrissey went full Andre the Giant, beating Brian Myers’ entire Learning Tree class in a 9 on 1 handicap match. Myers took offense but before Morrissey could chokeslam him, World champion Moose (wearing some dazzling socks) jumps Morrissey from behind, eventually taking him out with the Lights Out spear.

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Raj Singh and John Skyler are back. Nice short segment.

Johnny Swinger disrespected JONAH earlier backstage and regretted as JONAH destroyed him in their one on one match. Even JONAH is uncomfortable by the arrival of Decay, who came to claim Swinger.

Main Event: PCO defeated Chris Sabin

A battle of former world champions closed with PCO (former ROH champion) made a triumphant return to Impact beating Chris Sabin in the main event. Very good match. Honestly, is there anyone Sabin can’t have a good match with? Let’s say it: Edwards is either turning or he’s the biggest moron in the history of morons. First, he trips PCO right in front of the ref, getting the Impact guys ejected, leaving Sabin on his own. The dude’s a 20-year veteran. He knows better.

Then when the time comes to wack Vincent in the post-match scrum, he holds back with some “I almost got you” nonsense. Hit that mofo, man!!!
He’s the one who pulls Josh Alexader off Vincent when he has the dude in an anklelock.

A solid show with two great matches bookending a lot of filler. A LOT of filler.

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