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IMPACT Wrestling: They Just Fightin’ All Night
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IMPACT Wrestling: They Just Fightin’ All Night

By David E Houston II
Show air date: March 3, 2022

They could have titled this episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV “No Surrender Revenge” as many of the turns and angles from that show played out this week on the go-home show for their Sacrifice Impact Plus special this Saturday.

Steve Maclin defeated Eddie Edwards


They hit the ground running with Steve Maclin facing “Hollywood” Eddie Edwards, looking for payback for Edwards scapegoating him when it was really Edwards that couldn’t be trusted for the Team Impact vs Honor No More match at No Surrender. A great brawl from before the bell to the end. Maclin is on a career roll in 2022, going from Trey Miguel to Jonathan Gresham to Edwards and holding his own in qualifying matches.

Edwards is disqualified for popping Maclin with his kendo stick, leading to first Team Impact–Rich Swann, Willie Mack, HEATH, and Chris Sabin–coming down and then Honor No More.

HEATH defeated Vincent

Some dueling promos from Maria Kanellis-Bennet and Vincent against HEATH lead to the two men having a solid matchup, with HEATH hitting his Wake Up Call sweep finish for the win with kicks off another big brawl, of course.

World champion Moose hits the ring to get a cheap shot on his Sacrifice opponent HEATH but HEATH gets away and hits Moose with the Wake-Up Call with Swann counting three on a cover. A strong open that got a lot done, finishing with setting up the Sacrifice world title match and giving HEATH some good momentum heading in.

Masha Slamovich defeated Raychell Rose

Masha Slamovich (not billed from anywhere this week) swaggered down to the ring and ate Raychell Rose up. Just mauled her.

Great backstage promo from Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa–the Guerillas of Destiny–interrupted by Eric Young’s Violent By Design, who makes them a business offer to team up and handle some business with their mutual foes, Bullet Club. Offer accepted.

Great video package on Jake Something, who challenges Trey Miguel for the X Division title at Sacrifice. I think this is his moment.

Cassie Lee defeated Madison Rayne

Cassie Lee of Knockouts World tag champions the IInspiration beat Madison Rayne of the Influence in a solid bout. Not too long and Rayne carried it so it might be the best match I’ve ever seen with either Lee or Jessica McKaye. Lots of shenanigans but that’s fine. It’s their schtick and didn’t take away from the match.

Tasha Steelz defeated Chelsea Green

With KO World champ working color commentary, Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) again beat Chelsea Green to earn another shot at James’ world title at Sacrifice. A good match, given more time than the previous ones, and keeps the story going of how Steelz keeps getting over on Green.

JONAH defeated Johnny Swinger

My guy, Johnny Swinger, who probably tells great stories of when Watts was running the territory, got mashed up by JONAH again. Poor Johnny.
PCO, JONAH’s opponent at Sacrifice, came out to see what the “Top Dog” can do up close. Nice brawl with PCO getting up after a top rope splash. This should be a good one at Sacrifice, which is shaping up to be a nice show.

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ROH Women’s and AAA Reina de Reinas champion “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo declares there will be another Champ-Champ Challenge at Sacrifice. Newly arrived Gisele Shaw comes out and seems to want to challenge her but she can’t because Lady Frost, Shaw’s target since arriving, tells her they will be having a match at Sacrifice.

Main Event: Bullet Club defeated G.o.D and VBD

The main event with the Bullet Club, represented by “Switchblade” Jay White, World tag champions the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) and “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey–and G.o.D and Violent By Design didn’t get out of the gates before they just started fighting. Executive Producer Scott D’Amore demands security leave the ring and makes it a no disqualification match with the only rule is Eric Young has to leave ringside or forfeit VBD’s Sacrifice tag title shot.

Another great brawl from start to finish with this one including weapons like trash cans, bats, chains, and a damn door. With the Good Bros and G.o.D fighting in the back, White was able to hit Deaner with a Bladerunner face plant into a folding chair for the win. They closed out with the two tag teams still brawling, not giving a damn the match was over.

This show went by fast. A very good show.

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