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Karrion Kross is a Killer
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Karrion Kross is a Killer

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: May 6, 2020

This was a good episode of NXT. Good wrestling, some good promos, and some great returns. The show went off the rails a bit at the end but a very good overall show.

Show Opening: Dominik Dijakovic vs. Johnny Gargano

I liked NXT opening with a match as Dominick Dijakovic wanted to back up that big talk from last week against Johnny Gargano. Hard to see how much better they could book a big man-small man match that doesn’t make either look bad. This was extremely well done. The finish was a little too cute for me but a good win for Gargano, who is on a real roll.

Akira Tozawa vs Jack Gallagher-Cruiserweight Tournament Match

In a Cruiserweight Title tournament match, Akira Tozawa beat Jack Gallagher, making his record 2-0 and dropping Gallager to 0-2. Good tv match. Tozawa did a decent job with his post-match promo where he talks about upcoming opponent El Hijo Del Fantasma. Not smooth but at least it sounded real.

Chelsea Green with Robert Stone vs Xia Li

Chelsea Green, with Robert Stone, beat Xia Li. Aliyah came out. Yawn. The match was fine and short, but I’m just not feeling Zelina Vega’s body-double in anything.

Karrion Kross with Scarlett vs Leon Ruff

You want to see what it looks like when a new person is coming in with big plans? Check out the debut of Karrion Kross and Scarlett. The elaborate entrance was longer than his match with Leon Ruff. I do want NXT commentators to call everyone by their names. Too many times they referred to Ruff as Kross’ opponent, like he didn’t have a name. I know they’re probably told to do that but it’s lazy and Ranallo knows better.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship

Io Shirai got her title shot at NXT Women’s champ Charlotte Flair and it was a pretty good match with some hard work and good pacing. Loved the finish. Shirai had Flair going, and Flair got herself DQ’ed. Further attack prompts Rhea Ripley to come out and make the save, signaling her desire for a rematch. Shirai is displeased with Ripley, and I don’t know why.
They end up fighting. I hope they don’t force ANOTHER three-person match into this.

KUSHIDA vs Jake Atlas -Cruiserweight Tournament Match

KUSHIDA improves his Cruiserweight Title tournament record to 2-0, quickly dispatching Jake Atlas (1-1).

The Prince Finn Balor Addresses The Locker Room

“The Prince” Finn Balor comes out to address whoever attacked him a couple of weeks ago. Not bad but not great. He talked like he was reading a teleprompter…poorly. I guess he got a degree in that from Trump University. Balor talks about how guys attack the top guy and get a push and the very next thing they do is announced Imperium getting a tag title shot next week against Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher. All Aichner and Barthel did were attack the champs. The irony is lost on this company.

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Cameron Grimes vs Denzel Dejournette

The Ronnie Van Zant of NXT, Cameron Grimes, made his return, beating Denzel Dejournette with the Cave In. He then talks himself into a fight with Balor. This was okay but since this was meant to build toward their match next week. They shouldn’t have made contact, much less have Balor beat him up. Note on Dejournette: they have plans for him. Stay healthy, stay out of dumb shit, and he will get a real shot.

Main Event: Adam Cole (c) vs Velveteen Dream for the NXT Championship

Velveteen Dream finally got his NXT title shot at Adam Cole. It was fine. They worked like they were told they had a little bit of time so it came off at times as “NXT as booked by Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks”. Lots of superkicks and big moves dropping each other on their heads and necks. Dream looked great and that dude can sell a superkick. Then the end came, and I was reminded of what bores me with Cole and the UE. Convoluted finish with Dexter Lumis showing up and Dream doing something that doesn’t’ make real sense in getting involved in someone else’s skirmish in the middle of his title match. Cole with the win. Eh.

Overall, a very enjoyable show.


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