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The Return of the Queen Beast and Brandi Makes New Friends
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The Return of the Queen Beast and Brandi Makes New Friends

Show air date: May 6, 2020

Show Opening: Cody vs Joey Janela

Jim Ross is back on Dy-No-Mite and ten minutes in, he makes a Joe Stecher reference. Missed you, Jim. Unfortunately, I had to watch CODY vs Garbage Juice Janela to hear it. The match was alright thanks to CODY leading the way, but it still was too stupid for me. Triple C beat another young guy, but this one is fine with me.

The Return of the Queen Beast, Nyla Rose

AEW aired the Nyla Rose video package that they could have put together and aired a month ago. I guess the Bea Priestly angle is forgotten as they ran through her top contenders. The Women’s Champion Rose came out, looking imposing, and squashed Tony Schiavone and then the debuting Kenzie Page.

MFJ and Shawn Spears Promo

MJF cuts a good promo. He’s still got to get past where he looks like he’s playing a character and not just talking, but it was good. Hey Max. I never put you in the company of Flair, Piper, and Rock, so we definitely agree there.

Very good promo from Shawn Spears, recapping what happened to Dustin Rhodes after getting mashed up by Lance Archer in the TNT Championship tournament, blaming Dustin’s brother Cody. That was followed by more talking from MJF and Spears, who are big fans of each other. I could have lived without this, especially them overselling MJF having to face Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing. You would think Schiavone told him he was facing New Jack in a streetfight and someone told Jack that Max was talking about his mother.

Jon Moxley vs Frankie Kazarian

World champ Jon Moxley faced Frankie Kazarian of SCU in a non-title match in Kazarian’s solo debut for AEW, and his first singles match since January 2019 (good job on that Excalibur).
Very good wrestling match where Moxley got to have a good match without a bunch of nonsense and fighting all over the place. Kazarian, with his experience, is the kind of guy who should be going a little long with the world champion.

The Corporate Cult Leader Brodie Lee Challenges Jon Moxley

Mox with the win with a Paradigm Shift out of nowhere, but he couldn’t celebrate long as he was immediately attacked by about 7-8 members of The Dark Order. SCU tried to make the save (I have no idea why) and got their heads handed to them as the corporate cult leader “The Exalted One” Brodie Lee came out and let it be known he was targeting his old rival. Good (but not quite great) promo from Lee and thank you for mentioning Evil Uno, the true leader of the DO. Mox tried to get in the last word and got his face kicked in. That was great.

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Lance Archer with Jake Roberts vs QT Marshall with Brandi Rhodes

“MurderHawk” Lance Archer with Jake Roberts (who was having a wonderful time) beat the hell out of QT Marshall, trying to avenge his friend and tag partner, Dustin Rhodes. He got a couple hope spots, but that was it, and that was enough. Brandi got to be on TV. Yay. Not really. Britt Baker, DDS pulled a face move for me. This went a little long for what was nothing more than a beatdown. The angle after though was awesome. Jake went old, old school, and no one thought enough of Mrs. Runnels to help her out. Did Cody go home or something?

Main Event: Le Sex Gods vs Kenny Omega and Broken Matt Hardy

In a street fight, Le Sex Gods–Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara of the Inner Circle (you would think they didn’t have a tag team in that group) faced Kenny Omega and making his in-ring AEW debut, “Damascus” Matt Hardy. It was fine. A lot of shenanigans and stuff. Some funny stuff in there, which I find odd for a street fight. I was more interested in the confrontation between Jericho and Suge/Pineapple Pete, who will finally settle next week. Considering this is a no-rules situation, there was no excuse for Le Sex Gods to lose and they knew that too. Omega eating the loss was the right move. Fine as a match but very good finish where the IC looked like killers.
Good show. A little heavy on Rhodes but I’m used to it.


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