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Everything We Loved and Hated About Double or Nothing
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Everything We Loved and Hated About Double or Nothing

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The pro-wrestling landscape was changed at All Elite Wrestling’s Double of Nothing pay-per-view. The much-anticipated show lived up to all the hype and left us wanting more. October can’t get here soon enough. Yet while we can say Double or Nothing was a hit worth $49.99, there were a few misses. Here is everything we loved and hated about AEW’s Double or Nothing:

Loved: The Set Design and Pyro

We loved the Double or Nothing set design! We especially loved the huge poker chips that Kenny Omega would later in the night be chucked off of by Jon Moxley. Oh, and how can we forget the pyro!

Hated: The Commentary Team’s Low Energy

The AEW commentary team, made up of Jim Ross, Alex Marvez, and Excalibur, wasn’t horrible. They were just too low energy. This was AEW’s first pay-per-view, so we were expecting the commentary team to be just as enthusiastic and exciting as the matches and the crowded. But guess not.

Loved: Awesome Kong Is Added to the Women’s Triple Threat Match

What a surprise! We were not expecting to see Awesome Kong at Double or Nothing. Kong was a great addition to the Dr. Britt Baker vs Kylie Rae vs Nyla Rose match. We definitely hope Kong is joining the AEW Women’s Division on a full-time base because we are looking forward to an Awesome Kong vs Nyla Rose match.

Hated: JR’s Size Obsession

Did anyone else notice JR constantly mentioning female wrestlers’ size and body type though out both of the women’s matches? We did.

Loved: Two Amazing Women’s Matches

AEW gave us not one, but two amazing women’s matches! And not like two five minute matches or matches that end in no contest in order to move the men’s division along. Two memorable matches. The six-woman tag team match was super entertaining and our favorite out of the two matches.

Hated: Casino Battle Royal Predictability

When it was announced that the Hangman Adam Page vs PAC would not be taking place at Double or Nothing, we knew Hangman would be Lucky 21 in the Casino Battle Royal. Most importantly, we knew he would win. Predictable.

Loved: Jon Moxley Debuts

Leading up to Double or Nothing, the Internet Wrestling Community was buzzing. The big question. Will Jon Moxley make an appearance at AEW’s Double or Nothing? Just when we thought the show was coming to an end, Moxley sighting! Moxley completely wrecks everyone in the ring, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, and the ref. You get a DDT! You get a DDT! You get a DDT! We’re looking forward to Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega.

Hated: Dustin Rhodes’ Blood Bath

Blood in pro-wrestling isn’t bad. We aren’t anti-blood, but the way Dustin Rhodes was bleeding…alarming af. Though out the whole match, all we could think of was Eddie Guerrero, WWE Judgement Day 2004. (Guerrero accidentally cut an artery in his forehead). Blood gushed and dripped from Dustin’s forehead. Dustin’s blood completely covered his face, the ring, and the ringside. Pools of blood. We’re guessing he may have cut a little too deep.

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Loved: Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers

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Hated: The Elite Wins 2 out of 3 Matches (Predictable)

It was totally predictable. We’re more shock that Kenny Omega lost.

Loved: Cody Rhodes Destroys the Throne with a Sledgehammer

Shots fired. Your move WWE.

Loved: The Homage to Chris Jericho’s Evolving Career

Chris Jericho’s Double or Nothing entrance was everything, and it was cool to see just how much Jericho has changed over the years.


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