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Everything We Loved and Hated About Money in the Bank
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Everything We Loved and Hated About Money in the Bank

I’m not going to lie, Money in the Bank was a solid WWE pay-per-view. There were three matches that stole the show (Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles) and one match (Women’s MitB) that will definitely make our Matches of the Year list. And even though we loved MitB, there were a few things we didn’t like about the pay-per-view. Here is everything we loved and hated about WWE’s Money in the Bank:

Loved: The Women’s Money in the Bank Match

The Women’s Money in the Bank match once again delivered and started the show off right. There were so many memorable and impressive spots in the match. Naomi’s split, Ember Moon’s Eclipse from a ladder, Dana Brooke hanging from the briefcase, Bayley winning. Yep, match of the year qualifier. Also, can we please talk about Naomi’s Bumblebee, DC Comics superhero inspired, ring gear. She did that! Afro puffs, wings, and everything.

Hated:  Brock Lesnar Winning the Men’s Money in the Bank Match

Just when we thought Ali was going to become this year’s Mr. Money in the Bank, WWE just had to swerve us. Swerved us hard too. We thought we had seen the last of Lesnar, guess not.

Loved: Andrade Stealing the Show!

Shout out to Andrade for stealing the show! Some of the match’s most memorable moments were courtesy of El Idolo.

Hated: Lars Sullivan Destroying Lucha House Party

Not only were we unimpressed by Sullivan, but we were also baffled by WWE’s decision to use three talented Latinx wrestlers to push Sullivan. Way too soon!

Loved: Bayley Cashing Her Ms. Money in the Bank Contract

Congratulations to Bayley! She’s always been amazing and she deserves the honor of becoming WWE’s first-ever Women’s Grand Slam Champion, ehh, first-ever Women’s Triple Crown Champion. Congrats to The Huggable One!

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Hated: No Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

We can’t remember the last time the IIconics defended the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. And it’s not as if there wasn’t time on the pay-per-view for a tag team match. WWE could make time for the Lars Sullivan, Lucha House Party segment.

Loved: Seth Rollins (c) vs AJ Styles

We knew Rollins vs Styles would be good, but we didn’t knew it would be that good. It was definitely our second favorite match of the night.

Hated: The Miz vs Shane McMahon

Please no more Miz vs Shane. Thank you, next!


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