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Miguel and Raju Steal the Show
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Miguel and Raju Steal the Show

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Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II
Show air date: May 6, 2021

Good episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV this week. Not as good as last week but that show was a pay-per-view level show. This had great story progression and a lot of good wrestling as they head to the “Under Siege” Impact Plus special on May 15.

Chris Sabin defeated Rhino

Following a good BTI that saw Jake Something win a good match over Shera, they went right into a qualifying match between Chris Sabin and Violent By Design’s Rhino. Good TV match between two former world champions with Sabin picking up the win to my utter surprise. I just knew VBD would have a representative in the match.

“The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers is pissed at losing to Matt Cardona to qualify for US and gets on the bad side of Decay. Not the move, bruh.

Doc Gallows defeated Juice Robinson

World champion Kenny Omega tells his Elite comrade, Doc Gallows, he’ll be at ringside for his match later with tag champion Juice Robinson, to help get the Good Brothers back on track. He is and in a pretty good match, Gallows wins. They do a distraction set-up, something they’ve established is a GB tactic, but it doesn’t lead to the pin directly so it doesn’t ruin the finish.

Taylor Wilde defeated Susan

Taylor Wilde stays on her winning ways, beating Susan. Decent but with Susan being more a comedy act than anything else, it’s more a showcase for Wilde and she looked very good.
Knockouts champion “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo is challenged in the back by Havok and Rosemary so she suggests they face each other next week and she faces the winner. Later, Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore okays that idea and even suggests she attends some booking meetings. Good pair of segments.

Trey Miguel defeated Rohit Raju

The match of the night (and a strong contender for Match of the Week) saw Trey Miguel defeated Rohit Raju in an excellent match to fill out another spot in the Under Siege contention match. After the match, Something, who Raju helped get beaten and eliminated from the tournament last week, comes out and clears out both Raju and Shera. He got his payback.

Swinger’s Palace had James Storm and Under Siege qualifiers, Sabin, Miguel, Cardona, and “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey and it was its normal entertaining segment. I appreciate Bey being the first person to call Storm and Sabin’s team “Beer Guns” on TV. It’s been right there the whole time.

El Phantasmo defeated VSK

Hot prospect VSK made his debut, unfortunately for him, he made it against the also debuting El Phantasmo, coming in from New Japan Wrestling, representing the Bullet Club. Good TV match with Phantasmo winning but not killing VSK. The Phantom out here doing the old Iron Sheik gimmick? Has he been watching YT clips of 1981 rasslin?

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Rachel Ellering defeated Kiera Hogan

Knockouts tag champ Rachel Ellering got a win over Kiera Hogan. A good story told as Hogan used her superior speed to control the match but then got caught in an Ellering Boss Woman Slam. Ellering won the match but she and her partner Jordynne Grace lost the promo battle to Hogan and Steelz in the back, again. Grace vs Steelz next week.

Main Event: Moose defeated James Storm

To qualify for the final spot in the US contention match, Moose beat “Cowboy” James Storm in a good main event. Another match that told a great story as Storm fought from underneath a good bit of the match with some good moments of hope but the leg Moose had worked on most of the match failed him after he hit his Last Call superkick. Moose beat him clean with the Lights Out spear. Then Moose, to show he’s dead serious, brought in a steel folding chair and Pillmanizes Storm’s ankle. Sabin comes out to save his partner, and Moose leaves as they go dark.

Good show. The quick turnaround from Rebellion to Under Siege has them taking no time off.

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