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Moose Is Now a World Champ For Reals
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Moose Is Now a World Champ For Reals

Deaner and Jake Something

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: February 24, 2021

Caught BTI for the first time and I like it. The obligatory recap from the previous week, promo segments unique to the show, and a new match every week. Fire N Flava were excellent. Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were pretty bad all night but they snuck in some commentary on the “Guys were tougher back in my day” conversation during the Fallah Bah/Johnny Swinger match. Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV this week was as good as last week. That show is really cooking lately.

Jake Something defeated Deaner

In a Tables Match

A great showcase for the quality of their big men and a big episode for Jake Something. Something beat his former Deaners partner, Cody now of Violent By Design, in a very good tables match, putting Cody through a table at ringside. He’s ambushed by Moose, who decides he’s hijacking the show until he gets his world title shot at Rich Swann.
Executive Producer, Scott D’amore comes out and first makes Moose’s TNA Heavyweight Title and official championship and then books him in a world title match against an extremely pissed-off Something. Good segment. I don’t get making a new world title, but I guess the unification is coming soon.

Ace Austin, Black Taurus, and Chris Bey defeated Willie Mack, Trey Miguel, and Josh Alexander

In a six-man match where the winning team faces each other next week to determine a top contender for the X Division champion TJP, Ace Austin, Black Taurus, and “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey got an impressive win over Willie Mack, Trey Miguel, and Josh Alexander. Very entertaining match. A frustrated Miguel is confronted by Sami Callihan backstage and decides to put hands on the man for challenging his heart.

The Good Brothers defeated XXXL

Tag champions, The Good Brothers–Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson–defeated XXXL–Acey Romero and Larry D–in a solid match. Good exchange with the Brothers and FinnJuice afterward. The “friendly” rivalry gets less friendly every week.

Eddie Edwards defeated Hernandez

Subbing for Brian Myers, Hernandez stepped in to face Eddie Edwards in a good short match. Edwards wins with a Boston Knee Party off the middle rope. A lot of D’amore this week but he was good in each segment and was again here. Yes, an Eye vs Eye match is stupid.

Jordynne Grace and Jazz defeated Kimber Lee and Susan

Jordynne Grace and Jazz beat Kimber Lee and Susan to determine top contenders to the Knockouts tag champions, Fire N Flava (Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz). Another solid match.

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How do they follow up WRESTLEHOUSE and a Demon Wedding that turned into a shooting? (Johnny) Swinger’s Palace. I love these.

Main Event: Moose defeated Jake Something

In his first official title defense, Moose beat Jake Something in a hard-hitting match, putting him away with the Lights Out spear. As he went to smash Something with a chair, Moose was stopped by Rich Swann who had arrived (why you late, bruh?) and a pull-apart brawl ensues. D’Amore comes out and finally books it: Swann vs Moose for the IMPACT World title at the 3/13 Sacrifice ImpactPlus app special. Strong show. A good way to close out a good show. Heels eat in IMPACT.

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