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NXT 2.0: Not Their Best Effort
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NXT 2.0: Not Their Best Effort

NXT 2.0 Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly

Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II

Show air date: April 19, 2022

NXT 2.0 presented their 666th episode, and I was hoping that wasn’t a harbinger of things to come. It was, in many ways. I’ve seen this show before. Solid to good in-ring action, head shaking booking decisions, and cringe-worthy backstage/non-wrestling segments. This show alternates from Tuesday Night Raw to Total NXT Action. Are we sure they fired Jeff Jarrett??

Very RAW Quality In-Ring Promo

New NXT Tag champions Pretty Deadly–Kit Wilson and Elton Prince (wearing a top my wife looks a lot better in)–started the show with some very Raw-quality in-ring promo that’s interrupted by Drake and Gibson (no longer the Grizzled Young Veterans, apparently) and then Legado del Fantasma for some reason, causing a big ruckus.

Breakker’s Scavenger Hunt

Then NXT champion Bron Breakker comes through the crowd to cut his own promo, wanting Joe Gacy to return his dad’s WWE Hall of Fame ring. Gacy sends him on a journey around the building looking for it. Then go immediately in the ring walk for Tiffany Stratton for her match with Sarray and that’s when they go to commercial.

I’m sure they were going for “exciting” but that shit was WCW 2000 era messy AF. None of that was good TV and just so you know, I wasn’t watching any of Breakker’s scavenger hunt so don’t ask. The little I saw was all terrible and corny. If you want it so bad, have Vince make a new one!!!

We get promos from Carmelo Hayes and then Santos Escobar BEFORE Sarray’s ring walk for the Stratton match but the match itself was solid. Easily the best match ever for Stratton, picking up a win over her rival.

Pretty Deadly bump into Indi Hartwell and Persia Perotta and end up in a match with their partners, Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson. Who asked for this match???

Grayson Waller FF

Grayson Waller was on, and I fast forward (FF) through that until my guy, Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward, interrupted him. Indian Wardlaw–sorry–Sanga shows up and chased Waller into the ring for their match and FF.

Nice Intro Video for Roxanne Perez

Nice intro video package for Roxanne Perez. Question? Is it possible for WWE to have babyfaces that weren’t all geeks, nerds, and outcasts with WWE being their only salvation? She then has a backstage interview that’s interrupted by Toxic Attraction, who book her debut for this week and not next. This was a trend on this show so I came away wondering what was scheduled for this show with the wrestlers booking themselves into matches all night.

Legado del Fantasma defeated Drake and Gibson

Legado faced Drake and Gibson in a match and blew them away. So one-sided, it felt like Drake and Gibson might be finishing up. The days of Legado being heels is clearly over.

Carmelo Hayes defeated Santos Escobar

Escobar then books a match between himself and Carmelo Hayes for right then (after a commercial break, of course). Hayes (who brought the insufferable Trick Williams, wearing a short set my uncle made popular in 94) beat Escobar in a good match. Had some awkward moments but overall good.

Dumb finish when some hitmen (from the video game) hit Escobar in the knee with a crowbar, clearly in service of Tony D’Angelo. Good grief.

Hayes talks about his upcoming North American title shot on their Spring Break-In show in two weeks, which brings out champion Cameron Grimes and then their new enemy, Solo Sikoa, who lays them out and stares down the champ. Later it’s revealed it will now be a three-way match. Fine.

Roderick Strong seems to be irritating Malcolm Bivens. He might be on the way out of Diamond Mine.

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Natalya defeated Tatum Paxley

Natalya took too long to beat Tatum Paxley and then does some typical not-hot Nattie promo work backstage where she runs into Nikkita Lyons. It was also a night of interruptions.

Xyon Quinn defeated Wes Lee

Xyon Quinn booked himself into a match with Wes Lee and a few minutes later, won said match. Another solid bout that didn’t go too long. Quinn’s flying forearm is nice and Lee bumped as he got shot.

Roxanne Perez defeated Jacy Jayne

Roxanne beat Jacy Jayne in a nothing match with a convoluted finish. Unless she’s hurt, there was no reason to not use the far superior Gigi Dolin here but whatever. Wendy Choo distracted Jayne by tearing up posters or some shit and Perez hit a Code Red for the win.

Main Event: Pretty Deadly defeated Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson

That tag title main event with Pretty Deadly and Lumis and Hudson? Don’t worry about it. One of the weakest main events they’ve had in a while. Not necessarily bad but not even remotely interesting. They closed with Breakker getting his dad’s ring back and being a doofus. I didn’t watch much because I still have to finish Revolver for

The Real Uncle Dave grade: C.

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