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NXT 2.0: Russo Must Be Back and Booking the Divas
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NXT 2.0: Russo Must Be Back and Booking the Divas

Mandy Rose And Still NXT Women's Champion

Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II

Show air date: July 12, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 starts immediately with Roxanne Perez, scheduled for a Women’s title match in the main event, writhing in pain in the parking lot, either due to appendicitis or a sneak attack in broad daylight where she didn’t see anybody. Off to a bad start.

Giovanni Vinci defeated Apollo Crews

Giovanni Vinci got a big win over Apollo Crews in the opener. Good match but not great. A good WWE TV match. They chose to ruin a good match with a bad finish. First Vinci took a phone from a front row fan and then, with the referee conveniently doing who knows what, Xyon Quinn came from the crowd and attacked Crews, rolling him into the ring for a Vinci elevated powerbomb for the win. Crews and Quinn then stare at each other. Say bruh, I think you know where he’ll be, right? Stop mumbling to yourself and handle that.

Cora Jade with a decent backstage interview.

Tiffany Stratton got her nails done. FF.

Diamond Mine film study with tag champs Julius and Brutus Creed watching with Damon Kemp. Roderick Strong comes in and challenges Kemp to a match next week.

Grayson…you already know. FF.

Tatum Paxley defeated Kayden Carter

After a couple of weeks of bickering, Tatum Paxley is still trying to get into the Diamond Mine herself and beat Kayden Carter in a match that was just ugly. Carter isn’t a great personality but she’s a solid performer. Paxley isn’t TV ready yet and it was evident, especially with that headbutt spot she did in the corner. Never do that again. Ivy Nile came out and stood in support of Paxley and it was pretty pointless. Sis. She needs coaching, not just words of encouragement. I could see what they were trying to do but they did it poorly.

Sanga defeated Duke Hudson

Sanga. Duke Hudson. FF.

Solo Sikoa vs. Von Wagner

No Contest

After some lockerroom promos, I didn’t care to watch from both men, Solo Sikoa and Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone and Sofia Cromwell) fought to a double count out. The brawling before and after the match was pretty good but the match was nothing. They should have just done the brawling the whole time instead of trying to have a “WWE match”. They even have some good backstage brawling for a few more segments. Looks like a falls-count-anywhere or street fight match coming up.
Norman Smiley!!!!

Joe Gacy and his goofy Druids are now Schism because “Violent By Design” was taken.

North American champion Carmelo Hayes and his lame homie, Trickin’ Williams, were in the middle of a Hype Williams video, with all the light-skinned models they could find in Orlando.

Chase University segment. A nice Andre Chase isn’t that interesting and nothing about Bodhi Hayward and Thea Hail is interesting at all. Chase snapping though? That always saves the segment.

Nikkita Lyons says she’s been hit up in her DMs on whether she was the one who attacked Perez. Really? That’s what’s in your DMs?

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Main Event: Mandy Rose (c) defeated Roxanne Perez

NXT Women’s Championship

After some still-shockingly bad Sexy Walking, NXT Women’s champion Mandy Rose successfully defended her title, beating Perez, who came down and took her title opportunity with her ribs taped (that only works in AEW, ma’am). This wasn’t good at all. Rose had to lead since Perez was selling her injury and you know she’s not good enough to do that well. Then they had Perez crying and begging Rose to “please stop”. C’mon man.

To top off a bad match, Perez’s tag team champion partner, Cora Jade, who was willing to take the title match for Perez, turns on her, striking her in the back with one of the tag title belts. Perez looks at her with “Why?” eyes, leaving herself open to a Rose running knee strike.

Since this wasn’t off the rails enough, Jade wants to talk some 💩 and put in some more beatdown but her gimmick skateboard breaks before she even comes close to hitting Perez so even the props were sick of this 💩. FIRE RUSSO!!!!

The Real Uncle Dave grade: a very rare D.

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