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See ya, Don!!

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Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II
Show air date: June 17, 2021

IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV had a good showing last week, where they followed up Against All Odds and went right into Slammiversary build. Good match with Jake Something and the now-departed (gone to WWE, not dead) Shawn Daivari with a hot angle with Brian Myers.

In the wake of the close to the Against All Odds show, Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore is expecting an Anthem rep to show up so he’s too busy to talk to anyone, including a pissed-off Moose, who will show he’s got time today.

TJP defeated Black Taurus

TJP (accompanied by Fallah Bahhh-) got a win over Decay’s Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve) in a very good match. Taurus is big, but you can see how comfortable he is working with smaller, faster guys. I could go for Decay vs TJP and Bahh.

Chris Sabin Challenges Moose

TJP has no time to celebrate as Moose decides right then to take over the show. But it’s not Scott D’Amore who comes out but a returning Chris Sabin, who was last seen in the Under Siege main event where Moose targeted his oft-injured knee to secure the win. Sabin, in a good and intense promo, (if he had cut a promo like this in 2012, he would have gotten a longer world title run) challenges Moose for Slammiversary.

Josh Alexander defeated Madman Fulton

The Sneaky Cameraperson caught Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) conspiring with Rohit Raju, both upset about the Ultimate X match for Slammiversary. They form an alliance with Raju saying he also has an ace up his sleeves.

In his first match since the Iron Man classic, X Division champion, “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander had a completely different match in a hard-hitting brawl with Fulton. Very good match, probably Fulton’s best solo match to date. Austin is a second late trying to break up the pin but continues beating down Alexander with first Petey Williams and then Raju running down. Raju’s “ace” is the return of Shera so it’s now him and Shera working with Austin and Fulton. Very good segment.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Rachael Ellering

Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo looks to be breaking up with Kimber Lee and Susan. Hm. Tenille Dashwood beat Rachel Ellering in a solid match but one that went a few minutes too long for my tastes.

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The Baddest KO Tag Team Champions

KO tag champs Fire ‘N Flava declare themselves the baddest KO tag champs ever and they might be. Rosemary and Havok seem to want to test that. I wonder if any former KO tag champs want to test that statement. And it looks like WWE shipped one of Mickie James’ bags to the wrong Nashville address.

Main Event: Satoshi Kojima defeated Rhino

Satoshi Kojima beat Rhino of Violent By Design. Now Kojima and Eddie Edwards get a tag title shot at Slammiversary. It was okay. Solid TV match.

You’re Fired!

That Anthem rep turned out to be Tommy Dreamer (Dr. Harvey Schiller was busy) and it turns out it’s not Sami Callihan who’s out of a job, it’s Don Callis. A very good segment that got us where we expected to be. Callis’ jabs at Tommy were priceless.
Good show.

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