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Shida Meets a Nightmare
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Shida Meets a Nightmare

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: November 25, 2020

AEW Dynamite put on a nice show. Sure, they had ALL their divers on this one but it was generally a good show as they set up their “Winter is Coming” episode. A lot of middle of the card action and tag team matches, even if not a lot of credible contending tag teams. The women made a big comeback this week. They probably over-did extracurricular after-match action.

Adam “Hangman” Page defeated John Silver

With a little setup, we see Hangman Page defeated John Silver of The Dark Order (DO). Good match but one of those matches that needed a good 4 minutes shaved off it. Silver’s good but he’s an underneath guy in an underneath heel faction. A higher-up guy like Page needs to take him out in under 10 minutes, not over 12 minutes. Evil Uno of the DO then extends an invitation to Page to join and well, he doesn’t exactly refuse. We’ll see.

Kenny Omega Promo

Kenny Omega with a decent promo that also was too long. He is not gifted at the talk like he probably thinks he is.

Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Lee Johnson

The newly minted Powerhouse Hobbs, the newest member of Team Taz, demolished Lee Johnson. Excellent squash match. The one knock is they shouldn’t have gone to the floor. With every other match on the floor, this one should have stayed in the ring. Taz sends him to celebrate with his Team Taz cohorts, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks and cuts a hard promo on AEW management for not recognizing his FTW title.

AEW Exec Vice President Cody Rhodes comes out, throws a hot jab at Taz’s son Hook (Hook????) choosing to train with him and not Taz. Cody gets choked out for talking reckless. Good segment. A later follow-up by Team Taz has Starks do most of the talking and that dude will be an excellent manager when the wrestling is over. He’s that good.

TH2 defeated Top Flight

In the first TH2 match I’ve liked in a long, long time, they beat Top Flight–Darius and Dante Martin. A lot of flying around and it was better when the Martins were on offense but it wasn’t full of the usual over-convoluted spots you expect with anything involving Jack Evans. The Young Bucks make the save as Evans and Angelico keep beating on the Martins. I have no interest in Bucks-Hybrid2.

Very good promo by FTR and Tully Blanchard.

We not doing that Shaq stuff no mo’?

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager defeated SCU

The Inner Circle team of Chris Jericho and Jake Hager went over SCU (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) in a match that had a lot of good work but way too much extra with the Inner Circle guys for it to be really good. Another post-match attack, this time the save was made by SCU member Scorpio Sky.

Backstage brawl with Best Friends and Miro and Kip Sabian. That looked like a bunch of guys who never had a fight fake fighting.

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Hikaru Shida (c) defeated Anna Jay for the AEW Women World Championship

Hikaru Shida successfully defended her Women’s World title against the Dark Order’s Anna Jay. Jay said the last time she faced Shida she was a rookie but now she’s ready was hilarious. It was just April, lady. Good match though. Jay looked solid and credible with Shida picking up the win with a running knee strike. She can’t even leave before being confronted by the returning and horrifying Abadon. That should be interesting.

Main Event: The Butcher and The Blade defeated Rey Fenix and PAC

In a good main event, the reunited Death Triangle (please go by the Spanish version) team of Rey Fenix and PAC went down in defeat to the Butcher, the Blade, and the Bunny in a good main event. I was surprised to see PAC and Rey lose but BB and the B need a win badly since Eddie Kingston’s Family has been taking it on the chin for weeks. Kingston was great on guest commentary, and I appreciate them not overdoing a guest commentator this week like they did last week.

AGAIN, the Family was putting in some overtime work on the Triangle with the shocking save made by “MurderHawk” Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts), who still had some heat with Kingston from this summer. Not the most logical turn, but I guess they wanted to end with a big moment and they got it. Still, overall a good show with a lot of action and some folks getting on tv that don’t always make it. Plus the heels got a lot of heat this week.


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