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The Mad King is Crowned
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The Mad King is Crowned

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: September 1, 2020

They fooled me.

I figured this week on Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV, we were set for more of a setup show, with the world title match anchoring a show full of just angles and promos with some nice wrestling to keep it going, especially coming off the Emergence shows. Nope. They went all-in on this one and gave us a big return for the Knockouts division and a major title change.

Sami Callihan defeated RVD with Katie Forbes

IMPACT began with Sami Callihan looking for payback on his rival Rob Van Dam with Katie Forbes. The match between the two was as tight as expected and both guys were putting in good work with Forbes–Ms. Ratchet Lives Matter–doing some great heel work. All the interference in front of the referee was irritating as hell though. It was straight out of AEW/WWE level stupid ref stuff. Callihan with the win but RVD and Forbes jump him after the match.
What hit Sami harder? The steel chair or Forbes’ backside?

Final WRESTLEHOUSE Shenanigans

The final of WRESTLEHOUSE saw 3XXXL and the Deaners end their truce and engage in a long–and silly–fight where the winner was…Susie, pissed off they ended the truce she had them under. Johnny Swinger made a great Fritz Von Erich-World Class joke. And Taya Valkyrie beat Rosemary in a short but good match were Taya keeps Johnny Bravo as her manager. He then proposes to Rosemary and a wedding is set. They then teleport out of WRESTLEHOUSE (feels weird typing that out).

Rhino defeated Reno Scum

Rhino beat Reno Scum in a pretty good handicap match once he was helped by his old partner HEATH, who was disguised as a cameraman. Scum is an underrated team if there ever was one.

The Rascalz defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

The Rascalz–Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz–beat Ace Austin and Madman Fulton and then accepted a title match with the tag champions, the Motor City Machine Guns for next week. I did like that Ace and Fulton didn’t just slink off into the shadows but got their heat back with a sneak attack on the Rascalz.

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Deonna Purrazzo’s Black-Tie Celebration

Deonna Purrazzo tries to have a black-tie celebration, after defeating Jordynne Grace in the first KO Iron Man match. But first, no one seemed to find a black tie and it was first interrupted by Grace, then Tenille Dashwood returns, then the damn WRESTLHOUSE crew appear in the middle of it. A LOT was going on here, check for Trey Miguel and Kiera Hogan fully engaging.

Main Event: Eric Young defeated Eddie Edwards (c) for the IMPACT World Championship

In a great main event, “The World Class Maniac” Eric Young defeats Eddie Edwards for his second (TNA) IMPACT World title, spiking him with a piledriver after whacking him with his hockey helmet. Props to them for Edwards selling the blow without taking a bump. Stiff match where Young was bleeding from his chest from the Edwards’ chops. Young then locks Edwards in a nasty looking kneebar and leaving with his arms raises, looking like a crazy man.

After the credits, Moose finds out that EC3 is an elite level stalker. Get a restraining order bruh, after you beat up whoever sold you that short set.


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