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The Prince Still Rules, BAY-BAY!!
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The Prince Still Rules, BAY-BAY!!

Reviews by Dave

Show air date: March 10, 2021

Very good episode of NXT on USA this week. It’s WWE so there are some real head-scratching moments and booking, but it was full of good to great wrestling.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Are Crowned

NXT starts with General Manager William Regal announcing the new NXT Women’s tag titles, which he awards to Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai (failing up since they lost last week), who then, in turn, are booked into a title defense later against Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart. Decent story with some eh talking.

Io Shirai (c) defeated Toni Storm

for the NXT Women’s Championship

Io Shirai successfully defended her NXT title against Toni Storm in a good match. Storm put up a strong effort but fell to a Shirai Crippler Crossface.

A couple of good contrasting locker room promos from NXT champion Finn Balor and his opponent for the night, Adam Cole.

Pete Dunne defeated Jake Atlas

Pete Dunne beat Jake Atlas (welcome back, Jake). It was alright.

Imperium Wants Thatcher and Ciampa

Same with the promo after with Dunne and his boys, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Some good backstage promo/interview segments with first Imperium saying they’re not only trying to recruit Timothy Thatcher but also his tag partner, Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa, looking like he really needs to buy some new clippers and a mirror, turns them down but Thatcher? Not so definite.

Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart defeated Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Moon and Blackheart end Gonzalez and Kai’s title reign at 1 hour, beating them for the new tag titles in a good tag match. Some awkward spots as Kai seemed to not be able to keep up with Moon’s speed and offense but overall a good match.

Shirai, looking a bit like a vulture, decides later to challenge Gonzalez. That should be good and cement Raquel as Diesel to Kai’s HBK.

Solid promo from Leon Ruff on his opponent next week, Swerve Scott. Basic WWE stuff but he’s got good delivery.

Xia Li defeated Kayden Carter


Xia Li won her match with Kayden Carter by disqualification when Carter’s tag partner–and Li victim–Kacy Catanzaro hits Li with a crutch as she was working over Carter.
Hey Boa!!! Lil Kacy was whooping your girl’s ass with a crutch for 2 min! You busy?

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Looks Like Jordan Devlin is Coming Back

Good segments with Cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin announcing his return next week to face interim champion, Santos Escobar.

Legado del Fantasma defeated Grizzled Young Veterans

Legado del Fantasma beats the Grizzled Young Veterans in a match not nearly as good as it could have been. MSK comes out and for some reason, Zack Gibson is afraid of them gyrating. GYV loses then Breezango comes out and beats up Legado. The weakest part of the show. MSK is getting too silly. Ease up a bit.

Zoey Stark Video Package

Great video package on the new Zoey Stark.

Main Event: Finn Balor defeated Adam Cole

For the NXT Championship

They gave us a TakeOver level match-up as the main event and it delivered as Finn Balor successfully defended his NXT championship from Adam Cole in a great match.

A lot of great work from the start (helluva headlock spot to start with some snug-looking headlock). Great finish as Cole and his former friend Kyle O’Reilly lock eyes on the ringside floor, allowing Balor to take advantage with a 1916 DDT on the floor followed by the Coup De Grace stomp for the win. Cole and O’Reilly have a good scuffle on the floor with Balor turning around and coming face to face with Karrion Kross.
Well done.

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