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Three Ways WWE Could Spice Up Next Year’s Survivor Series
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Three Ways WWE Could Spice Up Next Year’s Survivor Series

Survivor Series is a Thanksgiving tradition for WWE fans, and since the return of WWE’s brand extension in 2016, Survivor Series has meant Raw vs SmackDown brand supremacy. But just like Thanksgiving leftovers, Survivor Series’ Raw vs SmackDown has gotten stale. The flavor is gone. 

Maybe WWE felt the same way because in October, the company announced that it would be adding NXT to the mix. If you want to season Survivor Series? Add a little NXT into the mix. And if Survivor Series is all about brand supremacy, why not allow the yellow brand to compete for the title of the best brand in the WWE. But even with NXT tossed in the mix, WWE could still spice up the pay-per-view.

Here are three ways WWE could spice up Survivor Series in the future.

WarGames Match 

Survivor Series’ 5-on-5 (now 5-on-5-on-5) elimination match has existed for ages. But let’s admit it, the 10 (now 15) wrestler elimination match has become drier than a Popeye’s biscuit. Replacing the men and women’s elimination matches with WarGame matches would freshen up the pay-per-view. Since 2017, The NXT brand has been participating in WarGame matches. The WarGame match concept is simple. 

Usually, two teams of four or more wrestlers competing inside a steel cage. Inside the cage are two side by side rings. One member of each team enters the cage, while the other team members are locked inside a shark cage. After five minutes, another team member enters the cage, now turning the match into a handicap match. Two minutes later, a member of the other team enters the cage. Teams continue to alternate during the two-minute periods until all wrestlers are in the ring. Finally, the cage is locked with no escape. If a member of a team decides they want out of the cage, the whole team is disqualified.

Surprise Us! Don’t Let One Brand Dominate 

Adding NXT into the Survivor Series recipe was a huge surprise and will make the pay-per-view less predictable. For the last two years, WWE’s A-show has won the battle for brand supremacy causing the Survivor Series pay-per-view to become predictable. For the previous two years, the A-show was Raw. But what happens now? If SmackDown on FOX now the A-show, will SmackDown clean sweep? Or maybe NXT will dominate to help garner more NXT viewers. Allowing each brand to get a few victories would be an easy way to break the predictability. 

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Raise the Steaks and Reward the Sole Survivor

Survivor Series has started to feel seemingly pointless. There is no risk and no reward. WWE should make things more exciting by rewarding the winning brand. The losing brand should also be held accountable and punished for losing. Perhaps the winning brand can get a top round draft pick, the first five draft picks or steals a few top superstars from the losing brand.  WWE should give fans a reason to care about sole survivors. An easy way to get fans to care can be as simple as rewarding the sole survivors of the 5-on-5-on-5 elimination match. Maybe provide the survivor with a future championship opportunity. Or maybe even start promoting the Royal Rumble by giving the #30 spot in the Royal Rumble to the sole survior.

Adding NXT to the 2019 Survivor Series was a major upgrade to the pay-per-view. The pay-per-view build and card has been one of the best in recent Survivor Series history. While next year’s Survivor Series probably wouldn’t feature a WarGames match or high stakes, it’s something that might work in the future. 

What are somethings you would like to see added to Survivor Series?


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