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DDT Divas Launches First Podcast in April
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DDT Divas Launches First Podcast in April

Image by Daniel Friesenecker from Pixabay

DDT Divas is launching its first podcast in April. The podcast, called DDT Divas’ Love\Hate Podcast, will be hosted by the editor-in-chief and brand creator, Sade. Each episode will focus on wrestling pay-per-views and things that Sade and/or podcast guests loved and hated about the pay per view.  Currently, DDT Divas’ Love\Hate Podcast will only discuss World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) pay per views. However, DDT Divas hopes to expand its podcast coverage to other wrestling promotions in the future.

The first episode of the podcast will be a WWE WrestleMania 36 episode. Listeners will be able to listen to the podcast on, DDT Divas’ YouTube channel, Anchor, and Spotify. DDT Divas is also planning to launch a second podcast in the future. The second podcast will feature more guests and will be a more creative and unique podcast experience for listeners.


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