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Gia Scott: The Greatest Damn Women
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Gia Scott: The Greatest Damn Women


How She Got Me Into Independent Pro-Wrestling

Gia Scott was born in Baltimore, Maryland and is a 21-year young up-and-coming superstar with the sky being her limit. When she was around 3 or 4 years old her uncle got her into wrestling. They watched it together all the time. As a kid, some of her favorite wrestlers were Trish Stratus, Lita, and The Rock.

When Scott was in high school, she told her mom that she either wanted to be a model or a wrestler. Scott tried modeling first. When she was young, she would watch America’s Next Top Model and was expecting a nice grand stage. After trying out for a company, John Casablanca, she passed. But when she found out it cost $3,000 to start, and even more, to continue the training, she decided to go train to be a wrestler at Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW).

Scott started her wrestling training at the age of 18 while still in high school. Prior to her training her mom, unfortunately, passed away. She used the money her mom left her to help pay for her training. During her training, Scott was told that because she was a woman she didn’t have what it takes to be a wrestler. 

She made her in-ring debut in January 2018 for MCW and ever since then she had made a huge impact in the business. Scott is a three-time and current MCW Women’s Champion. She captured the title for the third time back in December 2019 against Renee Michelle. There are no signs of her dropping the title any time soon. Her end goal is to be considered one of the greats.

Now let’s talk about how Gia Scott got me into independent pro-wrestling. After being a fan of wrestling as a kid in the 90s, I  lost interest around 2002. At the age of 20, in 2010, I fell back in love with wrestling. I started out as a casual fan. In time, I turned into a hardcore wrestling fan. Around 2013, I become a really big fan of women’s wrestling because of women wrestlers like Paige and AJ Lee.

I always followed top women talent in the indies like Mia Yim, Candace LeRae, Faye Jackson, and more. But in late 2019, I started becoming interested in attending some local events. MCW being the closest event, I decided that I wanted to go to one of their events. I had been following MCW on social media for years. For the last two years, I had seen Gia Scott on their promotional pictures plenty of times. So when I went to their event in December 2019, I had already been somewhat familiar with her. While at the event, my wife and I saw her walking around talking to fans. I approached her, and I got a picture with her. She was extremely nice and very willing to take a picture. 

JT and Gia Scott

I have attended three MCW shows since then and every time I meet up with Scott before the show we chat. It always gives me something to look forward to every time my wife and I attend these shows. Every show that I’ve gone to, she never fails to show her face to her fans prior to the show. Being able to engage with wrestlers before the show really changes the experience. Indie events like MCW offer you so much more than a WWE event, and thanks to wrestlers like Gia Scott, I get to go to these events and feel like a kid again. 

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So, because of Gia, I realized that I can go to a wrestling event not only to just enjoy some good old fashion wrestling, but I can go there and engage and bond with some of the wrestlers. There’s no better feeling than going to a wrestling event and having the wrestlers remember you, and approach you with excitement because you are there to support them.

Women like Gia Scott keep knocking down doors for other women in wrestling and are looked up to by the younger generation as role models and heroes. When the day comes where Scott is competing for the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, I’ll be able to look back and say that I got to witness the Greatest Damn Women in her early days of wrestling. 

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