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Results and Photos from PUSH: A Champion is Crowned
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Results and Photos from PUSH: A Champion is Crowned

Here are the results from F1ght Club Pro Wrestling’s PUSH: A Champion is Crowned. These matches took place on Saturday, February 15, 2020, in Washington, DC.

First Match
Mr. Grim with “Money” Mark Carlson vs Jonny Xross (Singles Match)

Winner: Mr. Grim

Second Match
Kristian Robinson vs DK Meadows (Singles Match)

Winner: Kristian Robinson

Third Match
DeAndre Jackson vs Prince Kanu vs O’Shay Edwards (Triple Threat Match)

Winner: O’Shay Edwards

Fourth Match
Trish Adora vs Eel O’Neal (Singles Match)

Winner: Trish Adora

Fifth Match
Mr. Grim vs Kristian Robinson vs Darius Lockhart (Triple Threat Match)

Winner: Darius Lockhart

Sixth Match
Trish Adora vs O’Shay Edwards (Singles Match)

Winner: Trish Adora

Seventh Match
Billy Dixon vs Chris Andino for the Chocolate City Championship (Singles Match)

Winner: Billy Dixon

Eighth Match
Killian McMurphy vs Isaiah Frazier (Singles Match)

Winner: Killian McMurphy

Ninth Match
Amber Rodriguez vs Jordan Blade vs Ashton Starr (Triple Threat Match)

Winner: Ashton Starr

Tenth Match
Darius Lockhart vs Trish Adora vs Mr. Grim (Triple Threat Match)

Winner: Trish Adora

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