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IMPACT Wrestling: Bring On Slammiversary!!!
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IMPACT Wrestling: Bring On Slammiversary!!!

Doering, Mack, Gallows, and Bahh IMPACT main event graphic

Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II
Show air date: July 15, 2021

Another fast-moving episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV is done and they put forth a strong effort in the go-home ep for their Slammiversary pay-per-view. They’re clearly throwing everything at this. Good wrestling with great talking segments where they pushed the matches but dropped a ton of clues and hints to any new arrivals. You have to give them credit for how they’ve been handling their stories as each pay-per-view/app special organically leads into the other with each successive pay-per-view feeling bigger than the last.

Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering defeated Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K

I expected mostly shenanigans with Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering facing Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With a K and they had that but with a good bit of good wrestling to give it some seriousness. Ellering and Grace get the win, pinning Kaleb with a tough-looking double team…something. I can’t recall a company getting so close to a split and heel turn and changing course without it being clumsy but it looks like Ellering and Grace are here to stay.

Havok defeated Tasha Steelz

Impact Knockout tag champion Tasha Steelz (with Fire ‘N Flava partner, Kiera Hogan) faced Havok (with Rosemary) in a captain’s match, looking to avenger Hogan’s loss to Rosemary last week. She put up a good fight in a solid, entertaining bout but couldn’t overcome the superior power and tombstone piledriver of Havok, who may finally be joining Decay officially.

Steve Maclin defeated Kal Herro

Steve “Mayhem” Maclin old school squashed Kal Herro. The build continues.

Alexander, Bey, Miguel, and Williams defeated Austin, Fulton, Raju, and Shera

The best match and angle of the night saw X-Division Josh Alexander and his team of “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, and Petey Williams get the win over the team of “The Inevitable” Ace Austin and Madman Fulton paired with Rohit Raju and Shera. Things broke down, as expected, but kept a great pace and had a lot of awesome work by all eight guys.
I have no sympathy for Alexander and company. The cat calls himself “The Ultimate Finesser”!!! TF did you expect??

Obviously, It’s a Trap!

“The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers and his young boy, Sam Beale, call out Jake Something and Matt Cardona, ostensibly so Myers can live up to the stip from last week where he has to acknowledge Something as a “professional”. He did and then trashed him right after.
Obviously, a trap, and Cardona fell for it with Dashwood and Kaleb springing it. Great camera work to not spoil it. Now Cardona needs a woman wrestler to have an intergender match with Myers and Dashwood at Slammiversary. That looks to be…a hot mess. His lady definitely coming back now.

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Moose defeated Hernandez

Great recap of what is their hottest feud in Moose and Chris Sabin just before Moose takes out Hernandez in a short match. SuperMex got in some good offense early but one Lights Out spear and it was over. Sabin ran down to make the save, putting aside any hard feelings from his match with Johnny Swinger on BTI.

Main Event: Joe Doering defeated Fallah Bahh, Willie Mack, and Doc Gallows

Last week they had the “wrestlers” face off in the four-man match–Karl Anderson, TJP, Rich Swann, and Deaner–this week, it was the monsters–Doc Gallows, Joe Doering, Fallah Bahh, and Willie Mack. The monster worked like monsters so it was a lot of hard shots and slams with everybody getting some and giving some. Doering got to look like the King of the Monsters, stopping Bahh with a crossbody and a short-arm lariat, going into the pay-per-view with momentum for tag champs, Violent By Design.

A fun show that had a little bit of everything. Strong go-home for their biggest pay-per-view of the year (so far).

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