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IMPACT Wrestling: Honor No More
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IMPACT Wrestling: Honor No More

Match graphic for Haas vs Alexander
By David E Houston II
Show air date: January 20, 2022

Tasha Steelz defeated Chelsea Green

Impact Wrestling on AXS-TV wasted no time starting with Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) facing Chelsea Green, a match that itself starts fast as Green hits a shotgun dropkick at the bell. Steelz wins the fast-paced match with an impressive Crucifix Bomb. I caught Tasha reaching down while on Green’s shoulders and for the first time ever, I saw someone make a CB look like a real throw. I appreciate that.

Steelz throws some hot talk the way of Knockouts World champion Mickie James, who was sitting ringside doing guest color commentary. James doesn’t like it and a scuffle breaks out with Green coming back out to save James from Steelz and Evans. Nice scuffle but Mickie was doing the job to those boots, who were not cooperating.

Matt Cardona lays out a challenge to DMC champion, Jordynne Grace.

Loved the Charlie Haas highlight package. They’re doing some great business for Ring of Honor. ROH’s bump in the road has been a great opportunity for Impact.

The Influence defeated Decay

Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb With a K)–The Influence– were set to face Decay–Rosemary and Havok–but a quick pre-match attack injured Rosemary and it became a handicap match with just Havok.
It was okay and didn’t take up too much time.

Havok handled both of them but once they hit a couple of double team moves, it was over with the Influence winning. KO World tag champs The IInspiration–Cassie Lee and Jessica McKaye–sent in a pretty good promo. They face the Influence next week. Most decorated women’s tag team in history? That’s kayfabe, ladies.

“The Quintessential Diva” is coming. Giselle Shaw, maybe?

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton try to buddy up to “Speedball” Mike Bailey. Hm.

W. Morrissey defeated Zicky Dice and VSK

W. Morrissey does not get paid by the hour, making very short work of The Learning Tree, Zicky Dice and VSK, in front of their very disappointed teacher, “The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers. Morrissey immediately leaves the ring, looking for World champion Moose. Executive Producer Scott D’Amore, a man with his hands full, informs Morrissey he’s getting a title shot at the No Surrender ImpactPlus/Youtube Insider special.

The former Ring of Honor group comes in, dressed up (for them) with tickets in hand to support the ROH World champion in his title match. D’Amore sends them to some skyboxes to keep them away from the ring and where they can be watched. Clever.

Jonathan Gresham (c) defeated Steve Maclin

For the ROH World Championship

Steve Maclin challenged Jonathan Gresham for the ROH World title under Pure rules. This was outstanding. Excellent, tight work from both men with some superb psychology with hot fast both men blew through rope breaks, giving the match some real tension. Gresham pinned Maclin with a figure four while holding onto the ropes, forcing Maclin to lay back on both shoulders. I haven’t seen that finish in decades and never like that.
Maclin being a heel’s heel blew off the Code of Honor handshake after. Love this guy.

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The “Ring of Honor 5” left the building with PCO spooking security. Well, that’s nice of them to be people of their word and not do anything and just leave. Not so bad, those folks. Honorable, even.

Joe Doering and Doc Gallows defeated Rhino and Heath

Violent By Design’s Joe Doering (wearing the world’s greatest coat) teamed with Doc Gallows of the world tag champions the Good Brothers beat the team of Rhino and HEATH. Okay, match with four veterans putting in some solid work. HEATH got pinned after a double chokeslam. That alliance is back on track. The highlight for me was watching Eric Young get that ground going and gave the match some much-needed energy. Impact has the best heels, up and down the roster

Main Event: Josh Alexander defeated Charlie Haas

Many times former WWE and ROH tag champion Charlie Haas made his Impact in-ring debut, coming up short against “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander in a very good match that got cut short when Haas took a bad knee to the head. A dazed Haas couldn’t keep up and tapped out to an Alexander anklelock.

Maybe those 5 aren’t so honorable as they hit the ring and attack both men. Chris Sabin, working guest commentary, tried to help but was overwhelmed. Rich Swann and Willie Mack, HEATH and Rhino and FINALLY!! Eddie Edwards come down (where the hell has he been?) and finally beat back the former ROH guys back. They go back to their spots in the overhang and their name is Honor No More. So I guess Baltimore is off the hook for this.

Enjoyable show that moves some stories along to set up future shows with a heavy focus on the Knockouts and a lot of strong technical wrestling.

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