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NXT 2.0: Real Hot Girl Show
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NXT 2.0: Real Hot Girl Show

Natalya vs Cora Jade main event NXT 2.0

Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II

Show air date: May 10, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 kicked off their 676th episode with the clips of Joe Gacy’s hench-druids attacking NXT champion Bron Breakker after Gacy’s unsuccessful attempt to win the title. It’s NXT 2.0 so of course, they kidnapped him. Gacy has zero major wins and in his first big match, he lost to the champ. I had zero Fs to give on this whole thing.

Toxic Attraction (c) defeated Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez

For the NXT Women Tag Team Championship

The show proper starts with NXT Women’s tag champs Toxic Attraction–Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne with NXT Women’s champion Mandy Rose in tow–still doing the job to Sexy Walking in this bootleg The Beautiful People act. They faced the mix and match team of Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez, defending their tag titles. Six minutes into the show, and I’m screaming at Wade Barrett to STFU. He was on a rampage last week. Solid match. I thought it was going well for the most part.
The finish was a bit messy but it’s how they do. Toxic Attraction retain when Dolin pinned Perez and all three members of TA beat down Choo after the match.

Tiffany Stratton and Grayson Waller. FF (Fast forward).

First bad Diamond Mine segment. I wonder what’s changed. Roderick Strong is the only person who doesn’t know Julius and Brutus Creed have turned face as he introduced Damon Kemp to the group. Nothing makes a faction more dangerous than adding another rookie. I guess.

Gacy and the druids he got at an Undertaker yard sale came out slowly. FF. Just get to the segment where one of them turns out to be Bron, please. Or Sting.

I’m trying to understand what they’re doing with Ivy Nile but…those dudes were dropping out before 100?? Now them burpees? Shiiiid. It’s like she wants to reopen the Verne Gagne camp.

Fallon Henley defeated Sloane Jacobs

Women’s Breakout Tournament 1st Round

They introduced the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament and it was Nikkita Lyons, Lash Legend, Roxanne Perez, and five other wrestlers. In the first match of the first round of the tournament, Fallon Henley beat Sloane Jacobs with a Shining Wizard knee strike. It was okay. Felt a bit long. Too long for such inexperienced wrestlers.

The only thing good about the Legado del Fantasma vs Tony D’Angelo’s Full Blooded Italians ripoff is the suits Legado wear. Those are nice. Otherwise, FF. I did see they had a second kidnapping of the show. They’re completely out of ideas over there.

Alba Fyre defeated Amari Miller

Kay Lee Ray made her debut as Alba Fyre, beating a very game Amari Miller (who should be in the Breakout but that’s on them). Nice match. Fyre wins with a swanton bomb. Commentary ran through every fire reference they could in the few minutes they had. They should save some for next week.

Must Have Been Tracking Their Phones

Solo Sikoa locks Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams out of the building (he must have been tracking one of their phones or something) then takes their–excuse me–Hayes’ promo time and does okay when he’s interrupted by North American champion Cameron Grimes, who promises him a title shot after he faces Hayes at the upcoming In Your House show. Sikoa accepts that and leaves, leaving Grimes alone to be attacked by Hayes and Williams. Sikoa makes the save. Nice three-way situation here. Now someone go have Melo and Trick park their damn car.

Andre Chase and Sarray defeated Grayson Waller and Tiffany Stratton

Stratton and Waller again. FF. The first time Andre Chase University was lame. I think it’s over for this gimmick.

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Nikkita Lyons defeated Arianna Grace

Women’s Breakout Tournament 1st Round

Nikkita Lyons beat Arianna Grace, who made sure to give herself the best wedgie she could, in a solid match. Grace got to work over Lyons before the inevitable outcome.

Main Event: Natalya defeated Cora Jade

The main event for the very heavy women-centric episode saw Natalya defeat Cora Jade in easily the best match of the show and on WWE TV that week so far. NXT Natalya >>> Main roster Nattie. This was given a lot of time to unfold and both women put forth a great effort with Jade falling to Natalya’s Sharpshooter.

Being WWE, they do too much with Jade “passing out” and not submitting. They close with the two embracing and that should be something done off TV since Natalya is working as a heel on all three shows at the moment. They gave the women’s division the episode, and I thought it was one of their better ones in the last few weeks.

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