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Results and Photos from PAWDWC-Block A
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Results and Photos from PAWDWC-Block A

Wrestler attacks other wrestlers arm
  • A wrestling ring in purple lighting
  • Man with microphone speaks
  • Three men in a wrestling ring talking
  • Three men wrestling
  • Two men wrestling
  • Two men stand victorious in a wrestling ring
  • A man poses in a wrestling ring before a match
  • A man stands with his hands raised in victory
  • Two men prepare to wrestle
  • A man slams another man in the wrestling ring
  • Man sits in wrestling ring
  • Man stands in wrestling ring preparing to wrestle
  • Man stands with hands up in wrestling ring
  • Wrestler attacks other wrestlers arm
  • Man stands victorious
First Match
Mr. Grim (with Mark Carlson) vs Jai Cole ( with George Burkett ) vs Tyler Jones vs Jezi King (Fatal Four Way Elimination Match)

First elimination: Jezi King. Eliminated by Tyler Jones

Second elimination: Jai Cole. Eliminated by Tyler Jones

Third elimination: Tyler Jones. Eliminated by Mr. Grim

Winner: Mr. Grim

Second Match
OB Tynes vs DK Meadows (Singles Match)

Winner: DK Meadows

Third Match
Tony Macko vs Kristian Robinson vs Christopher Andino (wildcard) (Triple Threat Match)

Winner: Kristian Robinson

Fourth Match
Kindred Kymari vs Barrington Hughes

Winner: Barrington Hughes

To watch all four matches or show highlights, visit the PAWDWC channel.


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