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They Let the Young Lions Roar This Week
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They Let the Young Lions Roar This Week

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Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II
Show air date: April 28, 2021

AEW Dynamite was good. Typical sloppiness with details but it is what it is with them.

Brian Cage defeated Adam Page

Hot start with Team Taz running out and jumping Hangman Page right before his match with Team member, “The Machine” Brian Cage in what was really some clever booking. He’s saved by his Dark Order friends, who are really good at reacting but not planning ahead apparently.
Cage then beats Page with his Drill Claw brainbuster. The match was good, but Page has been around the Bucks too long as he just had to fit in that moonsault to the floor, even though it didn’t make sense. Big win by Cage and Team Taz, the first in a while.

Good and Surprisingly Funny Promo

Good and surprisingly funny promo from The Elite, mainly AEW and now Impact World champion Kenny Omega. Motherfather. HA! Why they’re still doing Moxley and Kingston vs Omega is beyond me.

The Young Bucks defeated Matt and Mike Sydal

Tag champs, the Young Bucks–Matt and Nick Jackson–beat Matt and Mike Sydal in a non-title match. The Bucks are much easier to take as heels, playing more to their natural personalities, but they are still the Kings of Trying Too Hard. That old ass ref couldn’t tell the difference between Nick and Matt. Top Flight needs to remember that when he referees one of their matches. Great from Matt Sydal as usual. SCU–Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels–come out to put their future as a team against the Bucks’ tag titles. Solid promo.

Orange Cassidy defeated Penta El Zero Miedo

Orange Cassidy (with Trent?, still waiting for an explanation) beat Penta el Zero Miedo (with the best translator ever, Alex Abrahantes). I’m calling that an upset and finally a win to give some credibility to OC somehow being the number 2 contender. I did not like them blowing up Penta’s finish. Again. Good until the bulls–t. Stop messing around with Penta. He’s easily one of the top 2 most naturally charismatic people on the roster. Don’t just use him, push him.

A Fine Parley

The parley with the Pinnacle and Inner Circle was fine. I’ve become indifferent to the whole thing. Nice of them to let more than just MJF and Le The Election Was Stolen Jericho speak. Being AEW, they didn’t explain how they were going to decide the man advantage for Blood and Guts beforehand. They can be really sloppy.


Nak didn’t get him. Him and Omega got got. Good backstage exchange with Taz and Christian Cage.

The Factory defeated The Nightmare Family

The Factory–QT Marshall with his students Nick Comorato and Aaron Solow–beat the Nightmare Family–Dustin Rhodes, Billy Gunn, and Lee Johnson–in a thoroughly enjoyable six-man match. It’s ridiculous for Gunn’s midsection to be wrapped but the match was good with the vets doing everything to let the younger guys shine brightly, with Johnson really standing out. He looks to have put on some muscle. Even Billy’s kids got to get some light after the match. The Anthony Ogogo liver/gut punch was the difference. Now mix in some combinations. He’s not Ronnie Garvin. Great Bruiser Brody and Billy Jack Haynes reference from Schiavone. Hey Cody.

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Main Event: Darby Allin (c) defeated 10

for the TNT Championship

Darby Allin defending the TNT championship against 10 of the Dark Order isn’t exactly an appealing main event (must be in the contract with TNT or something) but the follow up was the main event angle as “All Ego”Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky made a move on Allin and Sting, who needed saving by…Lance Archer?

A good closing angle on what was a good overall episode.


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