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WWE Survivor Series 2020 Report Card
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WWE Survivor Series 2020 Report Card

Survivor Series, one of WWE’s Big 4 pay-per-view, is a fall wrestling tradition. Unlike last year’s Survivor Series, WWE decided to exclude its third brand, NXT. This year’s Survivor Series was also The Undertaker’s farewell show, as he celebrates 30 years in the business. Besides The Undertaker celebration, the show wasn’t too special. There really wasn’t a clear brand winner of this year’s show. Counting the kick-off show’s Dual Brand Battle Royal, Raw wins 4-3. When excluding the kick-off show, Raw and SmackDown tie at three wins each.

Survivor Series was not one of WWE’s better 2020 pay-per-views. The show had its ups and downs. The Street Profits vs The New Day was the show’s highest point. The Dual Brand Battle Royal was the lowest point. Check out our grades for each Survivor Series match.

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