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WWE Chronicle: Sasha Banks Review
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WWE Chronicle: Sasha Banks Review

Starring: Sasha Banks/Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, Mikaze/Sarath Ton, Bayley/Pamela Martinez

Runtime: 45 minutes

Genre: Docuseries, Drama

WWE Chronicle: Sasha Banks documents Sasha Banks (real name Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado) return to WWE after taking some time away from WWE.

Favorite quotes: “Don’t ever give up on yourself because it takes time.”

My favorite scene in WWE Chronicle: Sasha Banks was the scene where Sasha/Mercedes talks about finding herself. Her raw emotion breaks through. She is open. She is vulnerable. She is human. Sasha/Mercedes acknowledges the steps (therapy and spiritual guidance) took to find her own happiness.

I thought WWE Chronicles: Sasha Banks is 45 minutes of pure raw emotions. Emotions ranging from admiration, excitement, joy, sadness, sympathy, and triumph. In the episode, Sasha/Mercedes addresses the big question. Why did shes walk away from WWE? This question is answered, explicitly and implicitly, in four acts. Act I -The Departure. Act II -The Search. Act III -The Return. Act VI -The Future.

I think this episode was a great reminder that wrestlers are normal people who only portray characters in-ring. Wrestlers are only human, and no matter how much we think we know about them, we know nothing. There were also numerous things Sasha/Mercedes said that evoked emotions from me, the viewer. For instance, listening to the sadness in her voice and tears in her eyes when discussing the Paige situation.

I felt inspired by the end of the episode. Hearing Mercedes say she feels at peace, she feels whole, she no longer feels angry, made me feel joyful. I’m glad she can smile again.

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I was moved by the cinematography of this episode. It was phenomenal. The episode begins with, “although the butterfly and caterpillar are completely different. They are one and the same.” from Kendrick Lemar’s “Mortal Man” appears. The episode also closes with Sasha/Mercedes reciting the line. I also see the butterfly emerging from its cocoon as a metaphor for Mercedes finding her true self.

Closing the episode is footage of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. The footage is being projected on Sasha/Mercedes face. These shots of footage projecting on Sasha/Mercedes face appear throughout the episode were my favorite because they were magical and totally unforgettable.

I would recommend this episode of WWE Chronicle: Sasha Banks to wrestling fans, particularly Sasha Banks fans and Four Horsewomen fans. As a wrestling fan, this episode of WWE Chronicle promoted several critical questions. Should wrestlers be given more time off to heal their bodies and minds? Can consistently portraying a character affect the wrestlers’ mental health? Can consistently portraying a character cause fans to forget wrestlers are humans just like us?

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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