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12 Things That Annoy Black Wrestling Fans
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12 Things That Annoy Black Wrestling Fans

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In no particular order, here are 12 things that annoy Black wrestling fans all the time.

Racist fans

Racist troll fans are trash and offer no benefits to the wrestling fandom. Occasionally, they’ll drop in on a positive wrestling conversation. They’ll use racial slurs and share their racist memes and jokes. Trash.

“You only like [insert any Black wrestler in history] because he or she is Black!”

Do you only like non-Black wrestlers because you’re not Black? Be very careful how you answer this question. If your answer is yes, you might be a bigot. If your answer no, then ok, conversation over!

Not being able to celebrate Black wrestlers without being labeled as a race baiter.

Me: Congrats to [insert any Black wrestler who has recently accomplished anything]!

Annoying wrestling fandom: Why do you always have to make everything about race! No one cares about race but you! I don’t see race, just a wrestler. I think you’re trying to race bait! You’re such a race-baiting troll!

“Stop Being Such a Snowflake, It’s Just Wrestling!”

So who’s the real snowflake in this situation? You’re upset because I’m upset. I’m upset because [insert prejudice and bigotry]. So why are you upset again?

Afrocentric Parody fans (known to most as “Hoteps”)

Have you ever had a productive and progressive conversation about issues that affect the Black wrestling fandom but then an Afrocentric Parody comes along and turns the convo into pure negativity?  Bruh, GET OUT! Don’t get me wrong. I’m woke, and down for the cause. But bruh, really?

Note: I prefer not to use the term “Hoteps” in such a negative way. I prefer to use Damon Young’s term. The word Hotep is actually an Egyptian word that roughly translates as “to be at peace.”

Fans That Are Overly Critical of Black Wrestlers

Black wrestler botches in-ring or on the mic, once. WORST. WRESTLER. EVER. Umm, what?

The Constant Hate and Disrespect Black Wrestlers Face on Social Media

Y’all are gonna stop disrespecting Black wrestlers on social media. Matter of fact, y’all are gonna stop disrespecting all wrestlers. Wrestlers are human too!

The Rock Debate

If you just went ‘what?’ That’s great! The less you know, the less likely you are to engage in the foolishness.

Note: For those who really want to know more about The Rock debate. The Rock debate is a debate among fans as to whether Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson counts as a Black WWE champion.

The Sasha Banks Debate

See Also

Please see The Rock Debate above. Same foolishness, different wrestler.

Note: For those who really want to know more about The Sasha Banks debate. The Sasha Banks debate is a debate among fans as to whether Banks is Black or Black enough. I don’t know, it is foolishness.

Randomly Comparing Black Wrestlers Just Because They’re Both Black

Some comparisons just don’t make sense. If being both Black and a wrestler are the only things two wrestlers have in common, just stop. Don’t do it.

Only Accepting Stereotypical Gimmicks for Black Wrestlers

Personally, I’m tired of seeing Black wrestlers with the same stereotypical gimmicks. We’re more than a walking, talking stereotype. Now, this leads me to my next point.

Not Allowing Black Wrestlers to Step Out of the Box

When we are given a Black wrestler with a fresh, new gimmick some fans just wouldn’t give him or her a chance. New isn’t always bad. Plus, we get a break from all the stereotypical gimmicks.

 What are some of your pet peeves? Be sure to share yours in the comment section below.


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