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AEW Dynamite: Five Was Too Much for Jericho
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AEW Dynamite: Five Was Too Much for Jericho

Reviews by Dave

By David E Houston II
Show air date: August 11, 2021

AEW Dynamite was good this week but it did lose steam with me in the second half.

Darby Allin and Sting defeated 2point0

Never thought I would ever describe a show starting with 0.0 as getting off to a “hot” start and yet, they did as first they ambushed Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston as they were making their way to the ring to talk about…whatever TF and then, with their ally Daniel Garcia, called out and got a fast advantage in a Texas Tornado match that went all over the arena.

Kingston came out and took Garcia out of the equation and Sting made Matt Lee and Jeff Park submit, locking them both in a Scorpion Deathlock. I always enjoy hearing Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross talk about how long they’ve been calling Sting’s matches and the many big matches they’ve called: Ross in Mid South/UWF and later on TBS for Crockett, Schiavone for the vast majority of the WCW run on TNT.

I had no issue with Sting no-selling that powerbomb spot. As quiet as that crowd got, he probably needed to so they didn’t think he was dead. That was a fun match.

Sammy Guevara defeated Shawn Spears

They ratcheted up the intensity with Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard) first disrespecting Sammy Guevara’s fiancee and then trying to get the jump on Guevara as he made his way to the ring for their match. This was a very good match with the veteran Spears and a Guevara who might finally be back building momentum. This is how they should have been using Spears all along considering how many good young stars they have. Having taken the cutter off the top, the 630 senton should have been the finish. Two matches in, Spears is the second guy busted open the hard way (Allin in the first).

Great Backstage Exchange

I liked the Christian Cage-Don Callis exchange backstage but Schiavone’s beard dye distracted me.

They Needed to Shave a Minute or So Off

The segment with Dan Lambert was solid and he’s just great as a heel, but they needed to shave a minute or so off his tirade. Hurry Lance Archer out there sooner. Why The Men of the Year–Scorpio Sky and “All Ego” Ethan Page–pounced on Archer is something I guess we find out later.

Good short promo from Dante Martin.

The Young Bucks defeated Jurassic Express

For the AEW World Tag Team Championship

A very good and fast-paced world tag title match with Matt and Nick Jackson–the Young Bucks–were able to successfully defended against a game Jurassic Express–Jungle Boy Jack Perry and Luchasaurus. It got a bit messy when AEW champion and Super Elite teammate Kenny Omega (wearing a Chick Magnet shirt for some reason wink wink) got involved, bringing out his All Out opponent, Impact champion Christian Cage. They did some good callback moments to the Cage victory over Omega for the Impact title last Friday. Omega and Impact tag champs Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson laid out Cage, leaving the Super Elite standing tall.

Introducing DMD’s Newest Ally

Good backstage interview with Women’s champion Dr. Britt Baker, DMD with Rebel and formally introducing her newest ally, Jamie Hayter, who books herself into a match next week with Red Velvet.

Fast Foward This Part

I could live my whole life without seeing this segment on TV. The remote was too far away for me to FF this part.

An Elimination Tournament

Before the Bucks go on vacation, they set to face the winner of an elimination tournament in a steel cage at All Out. The teams are the Lucha Bros, Jurassic Express, Private Party, and…Varsity Blonds (TFOH, mane).

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Good Backstage Confrontation

Very good backstage confrontation with the Lucha Bros and PAC with PAC’s All Out opponent, Andrade El Idolo with Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Thunder Rosa defeated Penelope Ford

I was hoping Thunder Rosa vs Penelope Ford would finally be a Ford match I enjoyed. It was not. Rosa tried her best though. Bless her heart. She earned a bonus for this one.

The End Is Near for Brock Anderson

Brock Anderson is set to be murdered by Malakai Black next week.

They Can’t Find Anything For Moxley?

All the wrestlers they have and they can’t find shit to do with Jon Moxley??? Inexcusable. Good hallway promo from him as he called out everybody.

Main Event: MJF defeated Chris Jericho

In the 5th of his Five Labors, Le “You Tell ’em, TJP” Chris Jericho lost to MJF. I lost interest in this feud a while ago but they had the live audience invested and that’s what counts. MJF submitted Jericho by locking on an armbar on his injured arm, giving him a clean win, and hopefully settling this feud.

Good show with a really strong first half and a weaker second.

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