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In-Ring Fashion: Coolest Ring Gear from SummerSlam Weekend 2019
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In-Ring Fashion: Coolest Ring Gear from SummerSlam Weekend 2019

Every WWE superstar has to look his or her best for the biggest party of the summer: SummerSlam. Check out DDT Divas’ Coolest Ring Gear from SummerSlam 2019.

When Champions Salute Other Champions

The Toronto Raptors franchise hasn’t been around for very long. In fact, the team is fairly young and was only established in 1995. In just 24 years, the NBA champions, have had four jersey style changes. The biggest change happened when the team did away with it’s purple and red jerseys, aka the “Barney jersey.” The team would wear the purple and red jerseys from 1995 to 2007. For non-NBA fans, the 1999-2007 jerseys were made famous by NBA legend and WWE fan Vince Carter during the 2000 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest. In 2007, the team abandoned the purple and red for the current red, black, and silver color scheme.

The Raptors wasn’t the only team to rock purple and red in the Scotiabank Arena, purple and red was rocked by the NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits and by The New Day, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions Big E and Xavier Woods. All five champions looked great incorporating the Raptors’ throwback colors. A very fitting champion salute to the 2019 NBA champions.

Bliss Lightyear! To Infinity and Beyond!

The past few months have been excellent for both Alexa Bliss and Pixar’s Toy Story 4. The fourth installment has earned a box office total of $ 1,002,162,307 to date. In the last few months Bliss, too, has had great success. Bliss was the #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s Championship and faced Bayley at Stomping Ground and Extreme Rules. On the August 5 episode of Raw, Bliss and Nikki Cross became WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Bliss, an avid Disney fan, sporting Buzz Lightyear inspired ring gear was lit. Things got even litter when Bliss Lightyear threatened to blast Billie Kay with her blaster, a signature Buzz Lightyear move.

It’s Johnny TakeOver, Bub!

While Ricochet’s Nightwing gear looks just as cool or maybe cooler than Johnny Gargano’s NXT TakeOver Wolverine inspired-gear. Gargano is no stranger to wearing superhero inspired-gear each TakeOver, but this time his gear told an interesting story. In order to understand the story, prior nerd knowledge is required. For those who aren’t familiar with Marvel’s Wolverine. James Howlett, most commonly known as Logan or Wolverine, is a Canadian mutant and important member of the X-Men and Avengers (in the comics).

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Wolverine is most famously known for his retractable adamantium claws and regenerative healing factor. but Wolverine also possesses skilled hand-to-hand combatant abilities, an adamantium-infused skeleton, and extended longevity due to his fast healing factor. Of course, Gargano isn’t a fictional Canadian mutant with retractable adamantium claws. But his decision to wear Wolverine inspired-gear is symbolic and represents Gargano’s ability to destroy opponents, to take extreme punishment from his opponents, and quickly regenerate. When it all comes full circle Jonnhy TakeOver is the real-life version of Wolverine.

Hot Ring Bling!

Natalya’s ring gear always looks stunning. She loves wearing blingy jeweled and studded gear, and we love it too. For her big championship match with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in her home country of Canada, Natalya made sure she looked her best. According to Natalya’s Instagram page, her gear was “made with thousands of studs and jewels that were glued by hand” and her jacket “was made from hand cut glass pieced together.” Yeah, the Queen of Harts did not come to play!

What did you think about this year’s SummerSlam ring gear choices? Did you have any favorites? Tell us what you thought in the comment section, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Instagram.


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