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Everything We Loved and Hated About Survivor Series
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Everything We Loved and Hated About Survivor Series

Now that Turkey Day 2018 is over. It’s time to take another look at this year’s Survivor Series. Here is a list of things that we loved and things that we hated about Survivor Series.

Loved: Solid Matches

While I wasn’t too happy with the Survivor Series booking, the matches were pretty good. Even the weakest match couldn’t bring down the Survivor Series card.

Hated: The Not So Clean Sweep

The WWE clearly wants fans to forget that SmackDown won one match, the 10-on-10 Tag Team Elimination match. The term “clean sweep” was used although out the night as if the announce team (Corey Graves being the exception) either forgot about SmackDown’s win or it didn’t count. The match was on the pre-show which is causing many fans to think the pre-show is irrelevant.

Loved: The Cruiserweight Match Gets Main Card Slot

If you don’t know by now, I love 205 Live! The matches are exciting and the storytelling is impressive. I was genuinely happy that the Cruiserweight Champion was defended on the main card.

Hated: The WWE Confirms the Pre-show is Irrelevant

Fans have said this for some time now, the pay-per-view pre-shows don’t matter. Obviously, this maybe true. The WWE doesn’t want to count the SmackDown pre-show win.

Loved: The Ending of Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey

The WWE has plans for both Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey. They will surely cross paths again. We’ll be waiting.

Hated: Not Being Able to Understand the WWE Universe

WWE fans aka the WWE Universe is a mystery. Not sure why, we, fans try to figure out why we do what we do. Just a few weeks ago, fans were booing Charlotte Flair and cheering Ronda Rousey. But by the end of their match, fans were cheering Flair and booing Rousey. Umm, what?

Loved: Naomi Getting The Captain Spot on Team SmackDown

Naomi bleeds blue, and she is the longest tenured female wrestler on the SmackDown Live roster. So, it was only fair to make Naomi the team captain.

Hated: No Respect for the SmackDown Team Captain.

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Naomi may have gotten the captain spot, but she was the first woman eliminated in less than two minutes. And the disrespect didn’t stop there. Even the match poster/graphic was disrespectful to the Glow Queen, placing fifth member Mandy Rose in front of the team captain. Yeah, this is a problem.

Loved: Team Raw’s Dysfunction

The men’s Raw team was super dysfunctional, as they should have been. It wouldn’t have made sense to have them start working as a team when they really hate each other.

Hated: Samoa Joe Gets Eliminated in Less Than a Minute

Come on! Really tho? Are we really going to do my boy Joe like that? Just one Claymore Kick.

Loved: AoP Picks Up a Win

AoP really needed a win, they are the Raw Tag Team Champions after all. Well, they got their win. It’s just unfortunate how they picked up the win.

Hated: Potty Humor

I’m all for humor in pro-wrestling, but there is a time, place, and a person. To have Drake Maverick, AoP’s manager, piss his pants when getting choked by the Big Show. I’m not sure if I can to take AoP serious now.


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